Monday, March 1, 2010

I have stamps and stuff coming...

...and I have to finish designing our book for our next "groupie" I may not be posting much the next day or so. Guess we need to ask Christine if the DESIGN TEAM---did I mention that? Theresa and I made the DESIGN TEAM for ARTFUL LEGACY?!! Huh, huh? How about that?! Cool!!! Not the least bit excited! Lol.--Anyway-got sidetracked as usual---if the DT needs to post their projects on a certain day. at this...will get the hang of it soon, I am sure.
But-I do want to share a tidbit this am-it will give you more stamping time. I,um,only had 800+ e-mails (mostly junk mails...) crowding my in and spam boxes. I didn't want to have to go through them 1 by 1 to delete them-yet there were some I needed to save so I couldn't just delete them all...So-this is what I learned. I have AOL-not sure if this works the same for others or not-but it does for AOL. If I right-clicked on a message I did not want, a drop-down list came up and one of the options is "search for sender". If you click on that, it will bring up all of the messages from that sender...then you can click on the box above the list of e-mails, which will select all of those messages, then just click on delete! Wha-la---it cleans out a bunch at a time with the blink of an eye and the click of the it took me less than 30 mins. (bad enough but still...) to clean out e-mail! I think...I may make it a new rule that I won't shop with merchants that send me unwanted advertising. Hmm...there's a thought! Bet that news would slow them down. Some I had 4-5 e-mails a day from! No wonder we are so stressed out!
Well, I have a full day-work and then shopping with Theresa and TT. Not bad for a Monday!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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