Friday, March 12, 2010


to the week-end! And, a "welcome, "Molly"", to our family as well. I am sooo tired today--it has been a good, but whirl-wind week. We are in the middle of preparing a new pictorial directory at the church I work for (along with my other tasks!) and then we had our scrapbooking group meeting this week as well. It is always sooo much fun! As if all that isn't enough, long story short, we've adopted another cat (sorry, MaryCobb--I just couldn't resist!). Her name is "Molly" and she has been living in a cage at our vet's office for a couple months. I had visited with her some as I took Inky in for his scratched eye. She would always come over to the side of the cage and let me rub her while she purred. Since I am surrounded by males (inside and out!) I was very excited about bringing a girl home! I picked her up yesterday afternoon and she is getting used to a new space, new people, etc. She seems somewhat timid, but I am sure that will change as she adjusts. It's got to be scary leaving the familiar for the unknown! We'll take our time introducing her to us, the space and the other cats. She has her own room for now and we spend some time going in and out and visiting. The "boys" of course are very anxious to meet her and know that someone new is in "that room"! Lol. Yes, just call me crazy cat lady (4 inside, 2 (feral) outside...yep, I qualify!)
I am really glad to be HOME today---and can spend some time cleaning up so that I can get some crafting time in! The Easter and spring ideas are "hatching" like crazy (did you catch it-Easter, hatching (eggs...)ok...well...I tried)...and I have NEW Artful Legacy stamps to play with. I found a great template on the web and hope to get some time to play with Theresa and try it out. Hopefully I will have some crafty posts soon--and maybe even a photo of our new girl! In the mean time, go to and check out what the DESIGN TEAM has come up with! Whatever you do this week-end hope you find some time for happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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