Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I went to the doctor yesterday....

you know, the one I found after the last one told me that the fibromyalgia pain and the hot flashes, headaches, etc. from the hormone imbalance was all in my head and simply "depression"? This doctor actually LISTENED, then he answered almost all of my questions before I even asked them (a true test of whether or not a doctor listens!), was very cost-consceintious (sp?), and did I mention he was cute, too?! Well, he's leaving. He's going across the street to become a hospitalist, no longer seeing private practice patients and I am BUMMED! My blood pressure was up, too. Wonder why? And he was concerned about that. He favorite bloggers need to blog more, I need more rubber stamps and tools, I should not worry about work so much and stamp and create more...yes, by all means take a day or two off JUST BECAUSE and do whatever you wish, and oh-have the gals over to clean a little more often if need be so I wouldn't have to! Lol. That's not quite what he said---but he did allude to it!!! I won't go off on my doctor soap box today. Just-well, if yours doesn't listen, you have every right to find one that does!!! Amen, sisters?
I have to get the books done for our class on Tues. night and that's going to be a major undertaking today and tomorrow (and we have company today, too!). I have, however, some NEW TOOLS that I will try and use and be showing if not later today than the meantime, if you want to check them out, you can always google them. I got the i-top brad making supplies, this will let me make my own brads out of the paper, fabric, etc. to match my project paper!; I have the new Stamping Up bird and branch punch---OHMYGOSH is he-she-whatever CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Got to use that on the front of the book!!! What else? The bind it all is new but that will have to be "showcased" later on. Too much to get done today to try that new tool... Theresa and I are drooling over what's called a DreamKutz machine-it will cut 1-2 sheets of 12x12 papers into equal sizes all at once. It's kind of a wood chipper for paper! Put in a big sheet, it comes out all precisely cut up! THAT would make class and card prep much easier and gee, I bet it would lower my blood pressure a lot!!! Hint, Hint, Honey?!

Well, I'd better get to it...whatever you do today, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

Calm down or your blood pressure will explode - do what the nice dr says and relax...wish I had a dr that said craft - like you my imaginary one does...but don't think I can put that down on my sick form for work.
Have a good one hun, and look after yourself