Saturday, January 21, 2012

News! News! I'm gonna be a...part two!

Yesterday I posted that I got news that I am going to be a...
it's my "unofficial" nephew's and his brides first baby...
so---an aunt once removed?!
Doesn't matter!
means I get to make baby things!
And since I got the grandparent's to be card done
so quick yesterday afternoon...
I spent last evening and most of the morning
working on the card for the
new parents-to-be!

The images are once again
entitled Kitchen Knight and Big Shoes
I colored with Copics and colored pencils...
that collander armor got a coat of Crytal Lacquer
as did those high heels (to give them a patent leather look!)
I apologize for poor photos-my camera is acting kooky
and I still can't decide which Canon is going to best meet my needs---

Lots of pop dots...and two flaps attached to the base card...
the dp is Close to My Heart

and here's the inside spread...
another Mo image--New Baby
the sentiments I did in Publisher with Word Art
and callout shapes for the banner that I just cut around...

I wanted a pocket of sorts so I could tuck a note into the card...
I don't *know* if they will want to keep or display the card--
and I kinda like to keep the notes personal--and handwritten
and wanted a "clean" presentation--
thinking I may do a small card with a photo on the front
of the first time I held Zachary (the dad-to-be)
and the note on the inside of that...
I know-and believe me, with my love for pop dots...
I am used to extra postage--
the postmistress' always want to see what I've been up to
so I can never seal anything before I get there! lol!

This took a lot longer than one would think---
and surprised me!
I am happy, however, with the final product...
off to find that photo!

Tomorrow...I hope to have some more
how to prepare for a crop photos and tidbits
and then
stay tuned next week-
I will be back on the flylady thing BIGTIME
as I will have some extra time on my hands
and I am hitting that craft room hard!!!
It won't be the same--for sure!

I think I need more coffee!
I will leave you with a funny for the day...
This is an e-mail I sent Theresa earlier today...

THIS JUST IN: Breaking news of an accident on OKI before breakfast!

It's been reported that there has been an accident at ***** Drive on Oak Island this morning. It seems that Sharon Russell, aka The Oak Island StampQueen, had made a visit to the er, "THRONE" this morning when suddenly a small, black speeding object came rushing through the door and, according to The Queen, "FLEW" up onto the counter in the loo, then from there catapulted to the shelves directly above the the throne at which point then-unidentified objects began reigning-er, RAINING down upon the Queen's head! Her loud shrills caused the small, black object to fly back out the door from whence he came. The Queen was not, thankfully, seriously injured and the the objects in question were not damaged (simply a small white basket said to house some small white washcloths that were scattered about the scene of the crime). Keeping her wits-and sense of humor about her, the Queen was later overheard saying, "Inky just gave new meaning to the term---pardon moi---to "taking a dump!" EMTs have left the scene and the now-identified suspect seems to be quite subdued!
Looks so innocent, doesn't he?!
And no, there really weren't any "EMT's" present!
That was just a little dramatic effect--unless of course
you count hubby asking "uh, are you ok in there?"
lol! What a way to start a day!
Until next time--
let me find that collander armor before I head to the loo!
Happy stamping and scrapping!


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh what an amazing card and I love the way you put the message together!!

Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

that came out adorable- as usual!