Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Uh-Oh: Be careful what you wish for!

I am confessing...
it's my fault my friend, Theresa is sick.
I did it!
(well, her son Michael may have shared some of his germs
that hindered things as well...but still...)

Ya see, this past weekend I saw this cute get well card
with a pop-up Kleenex box
and I thought,
"gee-that's CUTE! Who do I know that's sick
that I can make it for?!"
And kapoof-
next thing I know---
Theresa sounds like she's knocking hard on death's door!
So this morning
before I went to work
I whipped this up for her...
(What's going around we typically call the
"Brunswick County CRUD")
That's a Mo's digital pencil image
and those are balled up tissues (not popcorn!)...

"NO naked mail"--so I stuck a package of tissues
on the enve
since I was hand-delivering it with some other goodies...

and here's the cute little tissue box!!
It is sooo easy to do!
 I used the SU word window punch to make the
opening for the tissue so it looks almost like the real deal!
Wish I would have had a colored tissue for some "pop"
but oh well.
Feel better, my friend-
we have  a CROP to go to Saturday!

As another blogger writes
the "spousal unit" is MIA for a few---anyway---
but the cats KNOW when Poppa is supposed to be home
and he isn't...
Bad Cat is breaking my heart---

He sat in front of the front door last night for almost
2 hours---waiting, watching, hoping...

Then the "baby" of the bunch came over
and started licking him and sat with him
almost as if to say,
"It's ok. I'm here for you and I am your friend..."
When he got tired of sitting...

Sooo sad! Poor guy!

 Well, the craft room is in an overhaul process---
and I have made some progress...
I've cleaned out boxes to be sorted-
and working on taking down things on the walls
and putting away what needs to stay.
I am creating a whole new space for me
in some ways...
and I can't wait to get it done!
At the same time
 I need some extra energy and motivation---
it's been slow going for some reason...
and I keep procrastinating...
like now!
Time to go feed the boys
and get to it!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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