Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting ready to go to a CROP...

Our "groupies" are going to their first crop
the end of this month.
Since Theresa and I have a few under our belts...
I've been sharing ideas with them about what they need to be doing
to prepare in order to get the most out of their day!
The first crop we went to---lol---
I packed it ALL!
I had at least 5-6 bags
and almost every tool I owned with me!
I've since learned how to pare it down---bigtime!
here are some of the things that I do before I hop to the crop

(I know-corny-punny--can't help it!)
So---STEP 1...
Today I needed some down time
(I traveled over the week-endand my back is killing me)
I plan on using.
I put them into categories
and then I put them into Ziplock bags...

There are a number of photos in each bag--I can pretty well remember
given the title card what they are...

Yes, in this photo she had colored herself! With markers!
I also have photos in here of her working on a large piece of paper
and then the swap cards we made a month or so ago
along  with the marathon scrapbook...
so "Picassa's Progress..." or some such will be great title...!
Why Ziplocks? Why not just stick them in that neat plastic box?
Well-I learned the hard way!
I did that the first time-they were loose in there...
and in the juggling, transporting, trying to work in limited space
Moi managed to tip over the whole thing
and had to spend precious time starting from scratch!
Enter the Ziplocks!
That way I can just pull out a group and go with it!
It's also a little extra protection for them.
Works for me!
Once all that is done....tune in for STEP 2!
For now--a few cat photos
since I failed to take any while visiting this week-end...DUH!
Oh well.
This little guy *thinks* he's hidden...

NOT! Lol!

He later found a nice WARM spot-hmmm...
maybe that's where I need to be!

Poppa Cat had stuffing stuck in his paw the other night---
now I know where it came from...

Somehow there's a hole in that quilt...wonder how it got there?!
Speaking of wondering...
not sure why
the block of wood was on my dining room table...
or why Poppa Cat thinks it makes a good pillow...?!

Time to rest. Time to read. Sip a rum drink.
Maybe a hot bath, too.
Those back muscles have to relax sooner or later!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Owch your poor quilt - don't blame the cat though...Do not know what a crop is though- sorry
Sarah x