Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NO Mo...

or jo
get it?
No motivation...
no mojo...
it's cool, cloudy and rainy.
Not a good day weather wise
and one where you just want to curl up
with a warm blankie
a cup of something hot
and a good book copic markers
and a cat...or two...
I decided to sit down this afternoon
and color an image for a card...
on my way to do that
Ms. Dolly was sitting in front of her door
looking pitiful
(we're on year 2 and she still hasn't made friends with
"the boys" she has her own room...)
so I brought her out and put her next to me on the love seat.
Fast forward about 1/2 hr. and here's what happened...

Poppa Cat decided he wanted to be on the love seat, too.
Notice he's taking TT's approach and "NOT LOOKING!)
My husband was ready to rush in to the rescue
but I told him to wait and see what happened...

He eventually turned his back to her...
only to crane his neck around to see if she was looking at him!
She could have cared less (or was too scared to look!)
She is sooo loving and wants more and more attention
so I am hoping we can keep working on
getting Poppa Cat and Inky to make nice with her.

When my husband and I left the house after lunch today
I looked over on our neighbors deck (a vacation rental)
 and saw these two...

They decided to "rent" the picnic table and get out of the rain...
wish I had a warm space for them to get out of the cold and the rain
but we won't go there for now...
The one on the left is Moe (we actually thought he was a she so we
have since changed Molly to Moe...!)
and the one on right is Cocoa Puff...

 They are our feral cats--have been with us since they were kittens
(at least 5-6 years now...)
but will not let us pet them.
Although I did get to touch Moe's tail yesterday-
and it is as soft as a cloud!
He is just one puff ball as he's a long haired cat
while Moe's is short and somewhat wirey looking.

Below are my "office assistants"...
I was trying to do some filing for a client
and when I turned my back---
and a new "file" jumped in...

and then another...

When I moved into the craft room...
here's what happened to the empty boxes I took in there to store things
while I clean and sort...
Over the week-end--
it was cold and disastrous in there
so I took one of the lounge chair pads in to sit on while I sorted..

Inky took that over during a coffee break...!
When I finally got a path cleared-
and yes, enough room in there to go in and practice some yoga
in the evenings...
I put out the new tabletop fountain I purchased
when Theresa and I went shopping Sat.
It was something new---
so of course it had to be checked out thoroughly
and carefully...
Inspector Inky took on the task...

They are too funny!

So back to my copics so I can finish my card
and have something creative to post
tomorrow (hopefully!)
If you use copics,
and need to refill them
(which is one HUGE advantage to these markers--
and the refills are HUGE as well-much much larger
than I imagined they would be so well worth the $)
anyway-if you need and easy-peasy
"how to"
just go
and she shows you how it's done!
Note: the top to the refill screws off...
be sure to hold it upright as you do this--
I wasn't sure how it came off
and while I didn't spill a lot-
I did lose a be forwarned!
That's it for now.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Love that poppa cat and TT are on the same page!!! Not Looking always works for her~ and glad you found my tutorial helpful. Love the pics of Moe and Cocoa