Thursday, July 5, 2012

We interrupt this blog for an update on

recovery in progress...
or maybe that should read
progress in recovery--

I am still here.
The pain level was tolerable
with a little help from meds
the nausea, too, for that matter.
I decided that,
5 days post op
I could go up the 32 steps
to our Widow's Walk
and watch fireworks.
Uh, not one of my more brilliant ideas.
Paying the price today...

Down, Sharon.

Nurse Hubby
has done pretty good
Nurse Poppa Cat

has not left my side.
Hardly ever at all.
If not enough room to get next to me
he's not beyond crawling on top of the pillow
and sleeping on my head...
not kidding.

Theresa has saved my sanity
more than once.
Getting rx's, jello and other things
when my tummy rebelled
and she's promised more visits.

This is going to take
longer than I thought
or longer than I wanted to admit...
trying to be good
but it ain't easy...
when the highlight of the day
is the next flavor of popsicle
a shower and a cool washcloth...
and a nap...a LONG nap...

Stay tuned.
The copics may come out today
if not, there's always tomorrow, Scarlett!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


canadian_liner said...

Hang in there, Sharon. The worst part is wanting things to get back to normal, and not being in control... Enjoy those simple pleasures like the next popsicle (love it!), BE in the moment, and gracefully accept the help of your loved ones. I always look forward to your posts, philosophical or crafty, but NO RUSH! C.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Sending {gentle} hugs and wishes for a peace - be still and heal, Sharon. Just take each day as it comes. When you can slow down, sometimes you will discover wonderful things! Your body is trying to tell you something.