Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hang in There...

Starting the day
trying to let go
of a resentment
from the day before...
is so not a good thing!

4 weeks
no answer from the doctor...
called last week (3 weeks)...
no response.
Called Monday
no response.
Needed an rx that needed to be picked up
hubby gets there...
(this office is one hour away-one way...)
three guesses and the first two don't count.
To say I am livid is an understatement.
I firmly believe that
the death rate from cancer
in this country
would be far less
if doctors actually
cared and communicated
with their patients.
But no.
This nurse
is communicating with my doctor
are you ready-
by e-mail!!!
And he doesn't answer
and she doesn't follow up....
and here I am
nursing resentments...
and have no answers
and the fact that
my rx will run out
before I actually get a refill now
is not making me a happy camper, either.

Enough of that.
On to today's card-
which fits the theme...
a co-worker is having a tough time
right now...
had this new image yesterday...
I had to have it!
It is sooo cute
(gotta wanna a sock monkey, too!)
and sooo easy to color!
I have sooo many ideas for it...
but here's the card
I made for my friend...

I colored with my Copics
(Theresa-you have to come home---
my B0000 needs refilling!)
what little coloring there is!
Layered a border punched piece
with cardstock--that border adds the
look of clouds, dontchathink?
And ya gotta love that sock monkey!
I need a sock-monkey color tho--
I made two copics blend
(a flesh color and a putty green color!)
to try and mimic the gray...
sorta works!)

And then I added Crystal Effects
to an "extra" balloon I colored and cut out
and of course pop-dotted!
I thought red and white Baker's Twine
would look good for the string
but didn't have enough energy to make that happen...
Here's the inside

Cute, huh?
Keep the digi images coming!
I'd loose my mind
with all the down-time I've had
without something to do--
and coloring is good therapy!

what's got your tail feathers riled today?
What resentment are you hanging on to?

Letting go---and letting God...
sort it out...
I am (trying...!)
one day at a time...

Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!


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