Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paper Tower Topple Fixed...

For the rest of the story...
see the previous post.
Here's what several hours of hard work

The tower on the left
was done last week.
I just worked on the one
on the right.
I pulled out some stash I won't use
and there's a box of paper
yet to be sorted
but the bulk (pun intended)
of it is sorted!
I sent an sos out
hoping still to get some
wooden frames made
that will house the wire racks
and make it more stable.
My husband suggested
zip ties
but I can see having the same issues
even with those.
Thinking what I want made
will still cost less
than shipping on real paper tower(s).
I've also tried the plastic stacking bins
they do warp after time with the weight.
Awesome for light stuff tho.
Fibro flaring
so today is going to be a take care of me day.
Still cold and windy-sun is out tho
and with the heat on and the heating pad
I can at least pretend it's warm!
Off to blog hop.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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