Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Toppling of the Paper Tower...

Not only
is it cold, damp and rainy
(why is the weather always great
during the WORK week---and crappy on week-ends?)
but I was working on cleaning up my work table
when this happened...
the paper tower toppled..
THANK GOD the trash can was where it was
and at least stopped all the paper from
flying off the shelves had it tipped completely.
Last week I had organized the first one.
Was putting off the second one--
but I guess it had to be done sometime...
Two things I can share here---
1-I swear by the 13"x13" ziplock bags Close to My Heart sells...
That second paper tower is all other company papers
and they are now all organized
and in ziplocks.
This also tends to help keep the corners and edges from
getting worn and torn.
I pretty much know what's where
and I just write on the bag with a Sharpie.
I do have little tags binder clipped to each shelf
so I know what's where.
2--I need sturdier shelves!
This is the third time this has happened.
I know-use more paper!
These where the only thing available back when I got them
and the cost of regular paper shelves
or I should say the SHIPPING COST for regular paper shelves
is astronomical.
I am hoping that a helpful friend
can build me a wood frame
with little ledges
that I can slide the wire shelves into
still making use of what I have
but making it much more sturdy.
Been a bit out of sorts
so God gave me something to occupy my mind
and sort---literally!
Almost done.
Just had to give the back and butt a break
from sitting on the cold floor.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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V Perkins said...

I am so sorry to hear about your paper tower. But I am sure you have plenty of help with 4 kitties to help.