Friday, April 19, 2013

T.G.I.F. Day! Mish-Mosh of Goodies...

I know it's only Thursday
Thursday is my Friday
(I work 4 days a week)
so here I sit enjoying my coffee
the sounds of the surf and birds
playing with posts and goodies to share.
I was "commissioned" to create
a birthday card last week
that I promised to have done today
and then
my Cricut died on Sunday.
Not good. Not good at all.
My baby Cricut needs a new blade
(I soon discovered) as it wasn't cutting clean cuts.
So my brilliant idea for the card...
went right out the window  door
with the new Cricut to be replaced.
THANK GOD it was under warranty!
Of course I had help in packing it up to send it off...

I gotta say that, to date,
I have never yet actually accidently
sealed a cat in  a box to ship.
Key word-to date.
So since I couldn't cut out the adorable scuba diver
and the treasure chest from the Life's a Beach Cricut cartridge
I had to go to plan B.
I struggled, it fought
but I think I am happy with the finished product...

I gotta find me some more Footloose paper!
It's probably my favorite go-to for boys/mens cards
as we live at the beach---and it's not "too girly"!
That's Close to My Heart's burlap ribbon frayed for some texture
and of course the whale and the crab are pop-dotted.
I added Stampin' Up's Crystal Effects to the water and sun
to give it some shine.
I think this suits for an 11-year old who I am told
likes to scuba dive, fish, etc.
Just a quick how-to for the shutter card...
the height of my paper is 8 1/4"
the width of the paper is 12".
On the 12" side--
score at 2", 4",8" and 10".
come down 2" from the top of the paper
and CUT from the 2" score mark to the 10" score mark
and do the same at the bottom, again coming up 2" from the bottom.
This fits a larger (not invitation) size enve.
I can never remember all the weird cutting measurements
so the 12" wide divided in
Something else I did yesterday
was go and get myself a belated birthday present.
I live just one town over
from where Safe Haven was filmed.
My late husband used to say that people came here
to get away from something bad
and start new.
Gotta tell you--it was rather odd to see our city
up on the big screen!
I only saw the movie once
and I know I didn't catch all the nuances I could have.
I'll wait for the dvd.
a local jeweler designed this pendant

of Katie's bike
and I wanted it!
It didn't show up for my special day
but a friend gave me a monetary gift
so I went and purchased it myself!

I love love love it!
I agreed with the little girl in the movie-
Katie should have had streamers on the handlebar grips!
I also have a custom piece I want to have made
and the jeweler,
was sooo sooo nice
she came up with an even better idea
than what I had envisioned!
Gotta confess--
I have been putting off going in
and I can't even begin to guess why
I was nervous and worried and...
it was a completely painless event
I purchased the necklace
and she's going to call me on my design.
She took her time, explained things well,
listened to what I wanted...
such a sweet, sweet person!