Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy HECTIC New Year!

I have not run away
(but hope too-just for a long-week-end).

We started 2014 off with a bang
or I should say a CRASH--
well, actually we WITNESSED a CRASH
that had several bangs included.
Hubby and I decided to take a ride New Year's Day
just to a couple neighboring townsand we stopped to eat
at Golden Corral.
It was dark-and spritzing rain when we left
and we were sitting on the service road
waiting to get onto the main road
when the light changed for the other side-
a couple came across---
and a lady to our left either didn't see the red light or ran it---
they collided-she did a donut
and hit the other couple again-
swerved across the two lanes of traffic
and onto the entrance to the service road
and stopped a mere 2 feet from us.
I saw  her coming---hubby was driving
and there was no where to go.
There was a very small raised median
that I KNOW did not stop her-
when I saw her stop
it was almost as if she hit an invisible solid wall...
it was that abrupt.
I sense an ANGEL was looking over us.
No one was seriously injured.
Pretty sore, I am sure, but they walked away.
Thank you, Jesus.
The Monday of that same week...
I left this guy
(who is the awesomely good Russell cat at the vets...)
The Sound Cat veterinary hospital
for a radioactive iodine treatment
for hyperthyroidism.
We then got the good GREAT NEWS
that there is no cancer
(we learned from the pre-treatment exam we are dealing with
irritable bowel disease and suspected small cell lymphoma).
He breezed through the thyroid treatment and, for them, ate great.
Not so for Momma.
(he lives up to his name when you try to pill/treat him at home)
It was a very, very long, stressful week-end.
Not eating. Trying EVERYTHING (including baby food).
Trying to get appetite stimulant meds and Pepcid
in a cat that won't eat (and isn't easily pillable-what cat is?!)
with no success.
Then the nausea set in.
Sat. I was on the phone with two vets
and I had two meltdowns in the course of the day.
God and I had a serious talk.
Some fist shaking even went on.
Injectable meds
(piece of cake-I dealt with the diabetic cat and insulin injections)
got him settled down some
so we could get the other meds in--and staying down
and, eventually, food, too.
We're at day 2 of eating well---
so I pray we are on the upswing,
that the chewable meds will be here
in time for us to leave
and still have our pet sitter when we get back!
I am exhausted.
This is the senior citizen of our bunch---
and I know that someday
well, we'll leave it at that.
We are taking things one day at a time in 2014---
and counting our blessings.
I am so tired
that, even tho there will be lots of free time
for me to relax and stamp and scrap if I so choose,
I'm not taking much.
I just need some rest.
And a cuddle.
A back rub wouldn't hurt, either...
Stamping and scrapping stuff
coming soon.
I promise.
Until next time-do some for me!

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Stressed Stamper said...

sending a hug to you across the waters hun - 2014 can only get better
Keep smiling
Sarah x