Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whoo's Your Valentine - Candy Bar Cover Tutorial

Two posts in two days---
seems as if it's either feast or famine around here!
The preschool at the church I work for
asked for some candy bar covers for their fundraiser.
We did some at Christmas time
and now, with Valentine's Day around the corner
they asked for more.
So I went to work.
I wanted to use things I had on hand--
(2 of my 3 part-time jobs having been eliminated,
my donations may be down a bit as well...)
So I pulled out some plain white cardstock,
my Cranberry and Black CTMH ink pads
and a retired Whoo's Your Valentine Stamp set.
I also got my Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge,
paper cutter, crimper and Lipstick Red Copic marker.
Got all that?
Oh-and adhesive (Scotch tape gun here!), one oval SU punch,
my SU score board and blocks for my stamps.
I think that's it!
First I played with a sample of what I wanted to do---

Once I got that laid out-I went to work.
I cut hearts using the AP Cricut Cartridge.

If using the Cricut vs. a punch and are going to stamp on them as I did,
leave them on the mat and stamp them before removing them!
Neat little trick!
Next I scored some down the middle

Then put adhesive on the back of three of them,
fold them in half, and line them up down the center---

Then attach this layered piece to one solid heart
(not necessary-but it gave it a little more oomph).
Set those aside.

Next cut your white cardstock to 7" by 7"
(this holds a full size Hershey bar).
Next I stuck my stamps onto my block
to do one panel of the candy bar cover.

Inked it up good with black ink

and stamped.
I did use a mouse pad underneath my cardstock-
the other block with stamps was much larger
and using the mouse pad makes sure you get a
good stamped image as it has some "give" to it
which makes up for any inconsistencies in the table top,
the block, or the stamps themselves.

First panel done---one to go...

And here's what my hand-stamped now designer paper
looked like once I got done...

Next you are going to score it...

I *think* I used 2 5/8" and 5 3/8"

Next take your SU punch and lining it up in the center
of that center panel
(the outside edges of the punch almost touch the score lines)
go half-way in and punch.
This gives you a little opening to get the candy bar out the top.

Next run a strip of adhesive on the back side--on the right hand panel edge
and along the bottom...
Fold the left hand panel in and secure at the bottom...
Fold the right-hand panel in and secure at bottom and side.
Here's the back view...

and the front view...
Add adhesive to the backside of your dimensional heart
and attach to the front of the candy bar holder...

Crimp the bottom of the candy bar holder to help keep it secure...
and add a little extra dimension...

Trick here-
I tuck the bottom end of the candy bar holder into the crimper
and use my boob to help balance the other end so it doesn't go cattywhampus on my...
the candy bar holder that is...geesh!
Wanting to carry the red pop from the front to the back,
I colored in that one little heart on the back...


I made a total of 20...
didn't take to long
and I gotta say I love love love---the black and white
with the little bit or red pop!
That's it for today!
Hope you enjoyed it--hope you'll try it.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


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