Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project of the day...

I recently bit the bullet
and switched from Tracfone to an i phone.
While it's more than I want to pay per month,
I've enjoyed it's bells and whistles
(at least the one's I've figured out so far!)
I did buy a protective case for it as I am a clumsy on a good day...
having had a cat vomit on an open laptop,
I learned the hard (expensive!) way
that I wanted to be sure this piece of high priced technology
was protected even a little  bit more.
While I know a few layers of fabric and some quilt batting
won't do a whole lot-it certainly can't hurt...
when it's  being charged or sitting on the dresser
where I typically have a drink while reading in bed...
or stashed in my purse
(FYI-DO NOT put your purse in that intsy tinsy space
to the left of the bag carousal at Wal-Mart
when the clerk gives that thing a wild turn-
it slings your purse half way across the aisle with all your stuff
falling out while she stands there staring and asking,
"What was that?!"
She did go and pick it up---and THANK GOD
I bought the protective case that I did!)
so I pulled out some fabric from my stash
and this is what I came up with...

 That's the front---here's the back...

and the inside is a pretty pink and white stripe...
I have 4 boy cats and 1 girl cat...
the pink is in honor of Ms. D (and Momma is a girl, too!)

It's a beautiful day outside today---!
since this went oh so well --even the topstitching!--
(once I figured out the format for putting it all together so no raw edges showed...)
I decided to whip up a few more...
I need buttons, however, for the closure on these tho...

I didn't take a pic of the lining on this one-
but it, too, coordinates.  It's paw prints in the same colors
on a black background.
These will go with me to the April craft show---
and maybe I will take the time and finally put some things
in my Etsy shop.
With the vet bills mounting, I have to do something!!!
Speaking of which,
the patient (of the day-it seems to change so fast around here)
is curled up next to me sleeping.
She took her meds like a good girl
and is pretty much leaving her stitches alone.
If you are squeamish, scroll fast past these next two pictures...

I mentioned in earlier posts that Bad Cat has lost so much weight
he's been cold.
And I made a coat for him-but it wasn't the best of fits.
I wanted something a little snugglier and warmer for him
and Wal-Mart had this one for a mere $ 4
He had it on all day yesterday and slept in it.
This morning my husband saw him trying to groom himself
but the sweater was in the way so he took it off him.
When Bad Cat was done grooming,
he went right over to it and laid down on it!
Guess that was his way of saying he wants his clothes back on!
The other cats weren't sure what to make of it---
they kept sniffing him and then would back away really fast!
Maybe they are jealous?!
Didn't get much housework done that I had intentions of doing
but the craft project went well and I feel good about that.
Hubby picking up ribs, slaw and fries for supper.
Me and my girl plan on blog hopping and snuggling.
Please keep praying that this tumor is GONE
and not malignant.
I appreciate it more than words can say. 
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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