Friday, February 7, 2014

A Couple of Quickies...

I am supposed to be cleaning house....
but got sidetracked
(sorry Flylady).
I noticed as I was emptying the trash
from the bathroom
that the can had a bit of a not so pleasant odor to it
and thought, darn, I should have got a scented thingy
at the dollar store for them.
And then I thought of the tons of herbs in my craft closet.
I pulled out my smell stopper blend
and added a little lavender to it
put a handful into the center
of a coffee filter
grabbed the hot glue gun
and sealed that sucker shut.
Into the trash can it went-
with the plastic bags on top.
End of odor.

Not fancy-but also not going to be seen!
Made one for the bedroom trash can, too!

Then I spotted the doilies on the work table
and thought oh, what the heck-
stamped the center of one of those,
but this time ran a line of hot glue and made a pocket out of it
before I filled it
and sealed it shut.
Added a small pink bow
and here's a cute little sachet
to give as a gift-
just in time for Valentine's day!
I've been busy---
baby sat a 15 mo. old out of town last week-end
and then the cats have issues yet/still
so not much time to play.
They on the other hand
are napping...
He has a toy opossum in his paw!
Keep praying for this guy...
he's lost sooo much weight--and still doesn't want to eat
the food he needs for his irritable bowel disease...
to the vet we go again on Monday to be sure
there isn't a dental issue going on
as there's been a lot of noise when he does eat...
Back to my routines.
Gotta do that home blessing hour thing
Flylady talks about.
More fun stuff has to get done over the week-end
so stay tuned.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


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