Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Raining Cats....

or I should say it's raining cat CRISES at our house...
First up-Bad Cat
who continues to battle us in the pill taking process
but alas, we (yes, it takes 2!) have a technique down
and manage to get the pills down the cat
with little or no blood shed (ours or his!)
or missing appendages
not once but 2 times a day.
Oh, and the noises he makes in the process!
the "Ooooooowwwllllllllllllalalala" he does just cracks me up!
I keep saying that I need to get my friend Theresa over here
and do a video for You Tube on how we do it
because let me tell you-we watched a lot of how to pill a cat videos---
before we purr-fected our technique!
The other problem with Bad Cat is
he has lost so much weight---he is cold.
I have a Hoosier in my kitchen that sits over a heat vent
and he is usually under there trying to thaw out.
Our house isn't that cold-he's just lost that much weight, poor guy.
So I searched the web to find how to make a sweater for a cat.
I first tried the use an old sock method.
You cut off the toe, tuck the heel up and under on itself
make a small semi-circular cut
to make two front leg holes.
I tried it.
I got it over his head and one leg in---
it was wayyyyy too small--the other leg was not going through
and he was half in half out and growling.
Yes, cats GROWL.
I was laughing hysterically which did not help his dignity one bit!
I tried to take it off---more growling.
I got the scissors and very carefully cut it off.
Plan B.
I found a simple pattern for a dog coat using Velcro.
Enlarged the pattern, did a dry fit, and started cutting and sewing.
Now, Bad Cat is a boy-but the only cuddly warm fabric I had
was pink, white and brown.
But it was a CAT pattern--so we went with it anyway.
There is brown in it-and he really doesn't care.
Here's what we came up with...
I need to adjust the "collar" part to make it a little bit tighter and bring it up a bit...

Yes, I know-he's on the counter where he shouldn't be....
I even did top stitching!

He looks grumpy---I think he was still miffed over trying to stiff him in the sock...
The second cat crisis is my little girl, Ms. Dolly.
Here she is cuddled up next to my side...

If you look close, you can see that she has a rather large bump on her head
right between her 7:45 tomorrow she will have surgery to remove it.
We covet your prayers and good wishes that it's not cancerous
and that it can easily and quickly be removed.
Our vet is awesome---but she really didn't like the looks of this.
If she's can imagine how worried this cat momma is.
Ms. Dolly was adopted after someone abandoned her at the vet's office
and we suspect she was abused along the way as she was extremely skittish
for a very long time.
The boys all chase her and she'd flee
so she has had her own room with a screen door for several years.
Just recently
she has started demanding to come out
and, surprisingly, all my lectures and lessons of
"Ms. D, all you have to do is PUFF and HISS and they'll leave you alone"
(complete with my own puffing and hissing...)
has paid off!
Last night as she was sitting on the bed with me
and Poppa Cat came up ready to take her on
she merely looked at him,
gave a loud hiss and even SWIPED at him!
Didn't connect-but she got her point across-
and he left her alone!
That's my girl!!!
Please pray for her---us.
We've had our share of cat crises-and we've dodged a lot of bullets
I'm worried we might not be so lucky this time...
and He cares for His creatures.
We will put our faith and trust in Him.
And yeah, I will be praying over her and the staff
before I leave their office tomorrow.
You can count on it!

Need to get busy on some paper crafts-
show coming up in early April.
Stay tuned.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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