Friday, September 4, 2015

All About Cats...

I am slow---very very slow going this am.
My fibro pain level is off the charts.
Must have been the rain yesterday--or more on the way that they haven`t predicted yet.
I was blog hopping in bed when I looked over and saw this...
Actually, he was sound asleep on it when I first saw him
and of course my getting up and getting the camera woke him up...

 Doesn`t he just look like ``I don`t know why they haven`t texted me..!``

And, when I downloaded these pics from the camera...I found ones I had forgotten about.
We are at the vet`s office so much with so many cats...
we graduated from a mere file folder
to a 2`` binder notebook!
The front desk gals know I scrapbook and wanted me to design a cover for it...
This is what I came up with...

I am sure none of the front desk gals are old enough to remember
The Brady Bunch
unless they have seen reruns!
But when they asked me for a page-that immediately popped into my head
and I was doing a cat count while I was standing there!
They haven`t actually seen Moe---he was taken care of by another vet
and is feral---taking him even as gentle as he is with me
I think would undo him.
We do the best we can with him on our own.
Our first girl...

I added the heart with halo and wings to Ms. Dolly, Poppa Cat and Bad Cat
since they are now our angel kitties...

For some reason---I didn`t take a close up of Sir Stirling`s picture...
he`s the guy in the upper left corner upside down!

There was always confusion with new staff when I would make appointments for Bad Cat!
Bad Cat was AWESOME at the vets office! They could do anything and he could care less!
Inky---just the opposite.
He was the one plastered on the front window of the office with a vet tech on either side of the vet
and they were trying to figure out how to get him where they needed him.
 And the next-runner up for the bad Russell cat was Poppa Cat
(he BROKE the blood pressure machine and ran off with the thermometer cover
stuck in his butt and hid under the bench!)

The boys pics I matted in the aqua and the two girls in the pink!

Not sure why my close up pics are fuzzy-sorry about that!
I made a similar layout for a shadow box for us
only added a ball of twine to The Russell Bunch with the end
wrapped around that square.
And it`s back to the vet this afternoon with Lady Liberty.
She`s been vomiting and with a holiday week-end coming up
I want to be sure to settle that tummy down and have something on hand if I need it.
She is acting completely normal otherwise-
in fact last night she came running into the bedroom,
bounced on all fours off the edge of the bed and went tearing back out
into the living room.
And we`re going for a sick cat visit...eye-yi-yiii!
That`s it for today.
I had so much I wanted to get done---
but it is a definite be gentle to myself day like it or not.
Better mimic Moe up there-or Sir Stirling!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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