Saturday, September 12, 2015


So anyone who knows me or has followed my blog
can probably guess what, compared to pop dots fun foam
is my next absolutely-cannot-craft-without item...
so much so...
that I now have back up!
So when I run out of "ammo" I can "throw it down"
and start again without having to stop and reload.
Ammo--throw down---reload...
get it?
It's my Scotch ATG gun!
Yep, I have two.
Because Murphy's law---if I am in the middle of a project
and particularly if under a time constraint
it's a given that I am going to run out of tape.
I LOVE my ATG gunS!!!
What I don't love however
is after having to travel 2 hours round trip
to get more ammo
and pay a pretty penny for it...
to go to load and discover the roll was loaded
I've done the contact Scotch to get replacement thing
several times-
more often than not the rolls get pulled out and tossed aside
and I go to pack 2 that I picked up and pray that it isn't the same way 
('cause the second roll in the first pack inevitably backwards too.)

Weather here has been sunshine-rain-sunshine-rain-and more rain.
My fibro is off the charts so I just put myself down for the day-
and have been on Pinterest and Facebook all day.
After hours and hours I came across a video
on how to fix a roll of ATG tape that's loaded backwards!
I ran to try it-only to discover
my tape gun was on the opposite side of the door Inky was on
(all the other kitties were with me).
Of course-there was a break out--
and of course Momma and Poppa had to break up the cat fight that almost ensued
not once but twice.
Everyone re-corralled and back to the trial.
It didn't work.
So I Googled it
(no clue why I never thought to Google it before---)
and I found
and it worked!!!
Thank you, Tammy! 
So easy.
And since I was down to a small tidbit of tape
besides the backwards roll---
I'm good for a few more rounds!
Give it a try!
It really does work!

Maybe some projects later in the week.
But not today.
The kitties and I are back to Pintrest and Facebook.
And the storms are rolling in again.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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