Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breaking News....!

It's been forever since I posted again...
and the few projects I've done have been
last minute and run them out the door so fast things
that I haven't even taken photos!
And the Magic Kingdom aka craft room
is in desperate need of cleaning---
(some things never change from post to post!)
So-what is my breaking news?!
The Russell Inn is full!
Lady Liberty is still sweet as ever and holding her own with two of her three brothers.
Inky still doesn't want anything to do with all the littles---
but has been much more cuddly (for him, anyway!) at night
when it's just the two of us.
He misses his big brothers and (first) sister as we do.
So---if you've followed my blog you know my go-to-absolutely-cannot-craft-without item
is pop-dots.
drumroll please...
I am giving them up!
I found something better!
Just as amazingly good
and no funky liner paper you have to try and peel off.
What is it?
Fun foam!
An huge sheet of Fun Foam is less than $1!
My ATG tape works fine to hold it-low temp glue does, too.
And you can cut it to whatever size you need!
I have to be careful with little bits of things---
Lady LOVES to get on the worktable, look at me,
grab something, grin at me (I swear she does---she looks at me like,
"Ha! I got it! Do you see me Momma?! I dare you to try and catch me!),
and runs off with it!
I don't want to hear Dr. Travis say she's stopped up with Fun Foam
(and I have had to secure the roll of cork as well!).
I do not know if a deep-cut Cricut blade will cut FF---but that would be
interesting to know/try!
I know you can die cut it through the Big Shot!
I typically keep white on hand and if I need to
I color the edges of the FF with Sharpie so they match the paper
and don't show.
So that's my tip for the day.
the church I work for
chose to close its preschool.
Breaks my heart
and so I really don't have a lot of
 kiddos to make cute holiday things for now.
I usually make things for our vets office staff---we're there so much-
so looking at ideas for Halloween things for them.
Holly Days is coming up
and I got fabric for catnip toys last week
and just ordered the catnip!
Not sure what other items I will do this year--
may just stick with cat-themed things.
Time will tell!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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