Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Scrapbooking Meets Quilting....

So as if I do not have enough hobbies...
I fell in love with an applique quilt and,
when I couldn't find someone to make it for me...
I found someone to teach me how.
So here's to yet another hobby!
I had my first lesson
to see what I have, what I need (to buy!),
and to identify all the parts of the kit.
which had virtually no instructions.
I had no clue where to even begin!
While I was searching for someone to help,
I fell in love with this quilt....**
(**note that the link goes to the PATTERN ONLY--not the quilt kit!)
which sounded easier as it was precut and backed
with fusible web.
So I got it, too.
there are a lot of itty bitty teeny tiny pieces
to that turtle's shell---
and one of the things suggested
was to trace the pattern on clear plastic
so you can lay it over your pieces
for proper placement.
Easier said than done!
The plastic slipped and slid and...
then I remembered my ancient Basic Gray Magnetic Mat
that almost got tossed out/resold.
And the tons of cheapy page protectors from various scrapbooks
I bought.
I cut the page protectors apart,
put the pattern down, covered it with plastic,
anchored it with my magnets
and off I went!
My pattern was traced in no time!
Now when I put kitties to bed
I can begin putting the puzzle-er, quilt pieces together!
Speaking of kitties,
this little gal had her spay surgery last week
was vomiting over the week-end
and yet....she does this...
Too funny!
Crawling inside the pillowcase!
Bummers-Blogger won't play the video---boo hiss blogger!
She is climbing in, out, tumbling over, chasing her tail...
being a completely normal kitty--except for stitches!
I sure wasn't up to that after any of my surgeries!
Now back to the craft room to work on yet another project!
That involves stamping and big shot and tape and...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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