Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Battery exhausted..."

Ok---so first I forgot to take the pics of all of the project I wanted to show---and gave 95% of them away this morning! Then, as I was headed to set up the shoot of the ONE I have left, I dropped the camera. Yes-it hit the floor. Yes, I got a "Lens Error!" message. So I did what comes naturally-turning it off then on again should fix it-right? Thankfully, it did. I took my photos. Came back to the computer to download them and got the "Battery Exhausted" message. Did I mention I broke the battery earlier this year? And my husband super glued it back together? It works--just not as long as before. So now you will have to wait for it to recharge before I can show you the pics of (yesterday's) project! But smile-tomorrow will be a "two-fer" as I finally made Zachary's looooooooong overdue (1 month and counting~!) birthday card so I have that to show as well.

In the meantime...say a prayer that MY batteries recharge! I simply cannot shake this bug, whatever it is. I've done nothing other than sit and watch movies and read---and take care of Brook as he has it, too--and I just cannot regain my stamina, strength, energy-health. Thankfully, I have the next 4 days off as well-and I don't plan on leaving the house for any reason. REST is on the agenda. I know-it's not a bug-it's THERESA WITH DRAWL! Lol. Her family has been here and not only haven't I seen her, I've not heard from her, either! I know she's busy and enjoying them...or at least I hope she is. Actually, I will have a post for New Year's Day as the CTMH order came with the supplies for the next class---so I will give you a sneak peek.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the New Year (when we were little (translate: before we were able to tell time!), my family would tell us kids that it was midnight when it was really 9ish or so-not long after our "normal" bedtime, have us stand one by one on the footstool (I'd say hassock but not sure anyone would know what that meant?!) and jump into the New Year. Ahhh-we THOUGHT we had stayed up until midnight, made noise like we did, and slept through the adults celebrating the fall of the ball! Anyway-as I started to say, whatever you do--please have a SAFE, happy and healthy NYE. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

ps/so---whoever stuck thru my long-winded post--will have a treat! I was able to download the pics after all! The first two...are of the calendars I made for the ladies I work with--I used a small binder clip to hold the calendar on (done in Publisher and printed on white cardstock). I simply made a "puddle" of hot glue and attached the butterfly sticker, then used the baby powder trick after it was dry to remove the stickiness on the rest of the sticker. I take a pick of the calendars for the guys, but it was done in this black and white calendar paper, and the scripture verse attached using 4 black brads. Can't do a lot of embellishing on guy's things or they claim its too girly! lol! Had I looked a little closer at my calendars, I would've changed the dimensions on the easel base a bit but...there is room to tuck an appt. card behind the calendar if you need/want to...for the way I feel...not too shabby!

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artfulwhimsies said...

Very pretty!!! and I know what a hassock is- haha