Wednesday, December 23, 2009


from my headaches!!! Please! Whew. My so-called "special" cards I wanted to make for my stamping friends...well, for the umpteenth time I've resisted the temptation to trash them completely. As I was cutting out pieces last evening, I thought, "gee, this is really going well!" I should've known the other shoe was going to fall---and fall HARD!!! I glittered...or attempted to glitter is more like it...the edges of 20 panels...yes, all 4 edges. Today...all the glitter is falling off and they look horrible. In the trash that went. Reprint. What to do next? Ok---I will pull out the red glitter embossing powder I got 3-4 years ago and never used. I never used it doesn't stick well and left gaps. Oh-how do you edge a card with embossing powder? You pull out your 8+ year old The Embossing Pen--and its just what it sounds like-a pen with a wide and narrow tip that has embossing fluid in it. With some practice, you can take the wide tip (of any pen) and run it along the edge of a card and whaa-la-you've edged your card without having to pull out a ruler. Aging the embossing powder did not help it. I wasn't pleased with that result either but at least it was sticking. Then I had a brainstorm-two, actually-which is probably why there's more snow coming for parts north! First, I realized that if I edged the card with a red marker, THEN used the embossing pen and then put the powder on---it looked like it had full(er) coverage! DUH!! And the second brainstorm? Ok-so this may be OBVIOUS to some people-but I have never, ever learned it in a class, heard anyone else say it, read it anywhere-this was pure luck. I was getting flecks of red embossing powder all over the white center of my card. That sometimes happens when you hit the loose powder with the heat gun. I realized, however, if I aimed my gun (gee-that sounds like I have real power, huh?!) toward the edge and OUTSIDE of my card would keep it where I wanted it or at least blow it off the EDGE of the card instead of into the center. Ok-so some of you are brilliant and already figured this out. Go you! But it just dawned on me so I thought it was worth sharing.
Time to feed cats. I've already cut my baking list by at least 2/3rd's--my theology on that is these people probably already have TONS of cake, cookies, candies, etc. and will really appreciate it more after the first of the year. Besides, I am off NEXT WEEK. This week is a killer for church secretaries! Now to go feed cats, finish the cards--OH DUH--3rd thing. See? My brain is fried. Using Ultra-Thick Embossing Powder. This stuff is CHUNKY and it really flies all over. But, with 2-3 coats of it, you get a nice, wet, glossy look to whatever you are embossing. So rather than have it fly all over everything (I had to clean off the tape player, tapes, etc.!), set your piece to be embossed down into a box. Doesn't have to be real deep--just deep enough to catch the loose stuff. It will save having yet another mess to clean up.
Ok-so the big cats have sent in the cute little "kitten" to tell me its time to eat! Lol. Gotta go. Baking to do, soap to finish making, kitchen to clean...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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