Friday, July 23, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

TGIF!!! I have come to absolutely love Fridays! I have, of late, seemed to get more done in this one day than I can in a week! It's my first day of the week-end! I don't have to work and I absolutely adore it in a way I used to look forward to Saturday! It's just me and the cats and whatever I decide to cook up to do-today it's clean house. I am on an organizing kick and the closets and cupboards among other things have been showing it. Once you've "made a dent" and can actually SEE some difference..well, it sort of takes on a life of its own...

The Good. Actually---I am changing that. Editorial license. I am going to say THE GREAT. I was looking for a new (inexpensive) tool called the i-rock. It's this little gadget that gets hot and sets adhesive backed crystals onto your projects. My Google search led me to a company called A CHERRY ON TOP (two thumbs up!). Had not heard of them before and had a few minutes to look at their site. OHMYGOSH! Papers and embellishments to die for! They had the tool and all the things I would need to get started with it. They also offered free shipping. So, I went shopping. I won't say my cart was overflowing-all my purchases fit into one priority shipping box that fit in the mailbox (thank you mail lady for leaving it!). I wasn't sure what the outcome would be-ya just never know, so I was somewhat conservative. I wish now (hindsight is 20/20) that I hadn't been! The paper and embellishments were all neatly packed in a large ziplock bag that was taped closed, and that bag was taped to a heavy-duty piece of cardboard. Not one corner on one piece of paper was wrinkled! It was perfect. Then the i-rock tool and accessories...were all neatly packed into another box that was taped closed. All of this was packed into the priority shipping box, packed and padded with paper, and promptly shipped. I ordered maybe Sunday and it all arrived on Thursday! Pretty good timing-most places that offer "free shipping"--you don't see it for weeks! So---take a minute after you've checked out Artful Legacy's (two thumbs up, too!) site, to look at A Cherry on Top. You'll be glad you did.

The Bad. See my blog? The three columns look great at least! I think its a lot more readable than 2 columns. What I don't like---is the bare bones no background. I paid hard-earned money to The Cutest Blog on the Block (two thumbs down! : ( )who promised me that, for a price, they could fix my messed up blog by putting it into the three column format AND add the background to fit. They did the three columns. The background is another story. They did add it-you just couldn't see it. The tiniest tip of one bird's beak on one side, the head of another on the other side. I asked them to fix it please. I was nice-I had had my coffee first so I know I was nice! Their reply---zoom in the view of the screen and you can see it (yeah---but you can't begin to read the minuscule type or see the pictures posted?!) or--get this-buy a bigger monitor! Well, that's just a bunch of horse patootie and I told them so! Not a happy queen-off with their heads! And, even worse? You see the header? I was able to get that in and that design is from SHabby Blogs (one thumb down). But what's the deal with the darker black box in the right-hand corner of it? It's been over a month-not even an acknowledgement from her of any sort. I do like her "blinkies" tho-the "it's good to be queen", "just stay little", etc. So....I guess I am on my own to try and fix all this. If you know of anyone who will do what they say and can help, please pass the info on...
Ok, we're down to the UGLY. Besides my house that needs cleaning?! Our groupies...have decided they want to do scrapbook pages. I gotta confess-I was not crazy about this idea, ya'll. Theresa talked (long and hard) to talk me into it. I caved. I even taught two pages. Then she did beach vacation pages. I just happened to have photos with me in the car that were PERFECT for her pages (her pages are perfect without photos!). And, I gotta tell ya, going home with finished pages....?! WOW. I think...I've been convinced. I am teaching next month-how to get more pics on a page--and the ideas are flying through my head faster than I can fathom! Then Theresa and I are going to our first CROP tomorrow. I cannot wait. I had great visions of grandeur---catching up 12 years of my goddaughters scrapbook album...until 1) i saw the mile of mishmoshed mixed up photos; 2) I couldn't get prints made (the machine wanted to download every picture on my flash drive---I stopped it at 1,700+!!) and of course, our WM didn't have my brand of printer ink; and 3) the migraine hit. So--I have resolved myself to what I get better than nothing. In between cleaning today, I will do my best to layout some ideas and see what I can do. But beyond that, I am motivated to my get my pics organized and processed so that when we decide on a theme for pages, I can just go pull out what I need and start scrapping. I see that as being a winter job. Those cold days and nights where you don't want to move outside a warm blankie...good time to do that!
So-there you have it...the good (great!), the bad, and the ugly. Got any great blogs, sites, etc. you want to give a shout out about? Just let me know...word of mouth is the best advertising there is! Off to fight the dust bunnies-wish me luck!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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