Friday, July 16, 2010

So picture this...

on PLEASE-NOT! Ok-so I had just gotten up and was sleepily sitting on the couch in my favorite OLD cotton nightgown, sipping my first cup of coffee as my husband walked out the door on his way to work. Deciding I would go and check my favorite blogs, I sat down at the computer (which is by our front door) and heard the ocean breeze banging the screen door. Consistently. Since I woke with a headache, this was not the serenade I wanted to start the day with so I got up to latch it. In doing that, I realized the water bowl for the outside cats was empty. I thought about waiting to fill it but it's so hot and humid out I decided, as Flylady would advise, to do it now. That was my first mistake! As I opened the door an inside cat dashed past me onto the deck. Thankfully, he went to the far end of the deck leaving me at the front end and frantically trying to calm myself enough to get the gate closed to at least contain him on the deck. Having successfully completed that part of the mission, I turned to face the escapee. As I did, the wind decided to catch the hem of my nightgown...filling it quickly and lifting it...above my waist! GASP! I quickly grabbed it, tucked it between my knees and proceeded to try and duck-walk closer to the cat--who I was able to nab by the scruff of the neck and tossed him in the house! It wasn't until he was safe and secure that I did a quick perusal of the neighbors decks to see if anyone had seen my impromptu public display. Not hearing any screams of laughter, I realized the decks were all clear. Someone may have gotten a glimpse from a kitchen window, but at least no one was rolling around on the surrounding decks holding their sides and gaffing! Sheez! What a way to start the day! And he (the cat) wasn't even the one named BAD CAT! The good news is--the neighbors change today! This set of renters leaves and the next set comes in. So I may never see these people again anyway and well, so what---At least they have a funny vacation story to tell!
If the weather holds...Theresa and I are going shopping today at our one remaining stamp store...1 1/2 hrs. away! The store owner has let us bring in our unwanted items to sell and gives us store credit for what has sold. So its almost like getting something for nothing!
I apologize-again-for the mess I have made of my blog. The good news here is that one of the gals from The Cutest Blog on the Block (for a reasonable price) said she could fix it. I am anxiously waiting for that to happen. Thank you, oh kind person at TCBOTB!
And, saving the best news for last...I GOT A MINI! Actually, I got TWO mini's! Ok-so they aren't real and drivable mini's-but rather THE MOST ADORABLE MINI COOPER STAMP SET from MY FAVORITE THINGS. For some reason, I ended up with two sets instead of one. Not wanting God mad at me, I contacted MFT. Long story short, they were most helpful in resolving the issue and tangibly expressed their gratitude for my honesty. This was my first experience with this company and, let me tell you, they are awesome to deal with! I colored two of the mini's last night and while I like the car itself, the interior isn't quite what I was hoping for so its back to the driving-er, drawing board. Good excuse to tell you to "stay tuned!" ; )
Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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