Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Face Lift is Next...!

Go ahead--open the bathroom drawer-the cupboard door-the closet hallway door or my bedroom closet door...and you will see why I can't move much today! Lol. I don't know what it was-a caffeine overdose, cooler temps, what-but other than a headache I felt good yesterday and I moved a few mountains! It all started some weeks back with a successful trip for a the dress for the wedding...and then shoe shopping...a stop at the Clinique counter...and a "monster" was created! You see, I've lost a little bit of weight, had successes shopping-and am now addicted. I've been on a few shopping sprees and have actually found clothes, etc. that I like, that fit, and that, if I do say so myself, look good (It's been a very, very long time since that has happened)! So-the old needed to be sorted (doesn't fit? small stain? OUT WITH IT! (I acted quickly and decisively--like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland--I decreed what stayed, what would bless others, and what was simply to be tossed! And the winter clothes are now boxed up to be stored-hey, it's JUST barely July-give me a break! LOl!) The hall closet now holds my shoes and purses neatly in hanging organizers (the canvas ones from WM for shoes and sweaters that go over the rod are VERY sturdy! ; ) along with a few other things; my bedroom closet has my clothes, separated into dresses, skirts, shirts, pants (yes, I even have rod labels for these!) and are then color-coordinated! After a number of years of tripping over each other in the bathroom to get ready for work, my husband decided he would use the second bathroom-so I took the time to reorganize things in "mine" to make my morning routine much easier. My floppy make up travel case is nice for that-but things helter-skelter in it doesn't make for quick prep time in the morning...a small sturdy basket now takes its place and the other is neatly stored in the suitcase until it is called into duty! I even got some nice, new white washcloths, rolled them up and tucked them into a basket. They make me feel "special" for whatever reason (yes, I know-I am weird!) and they are handy when I am ready to take a shower or "take off the day" (ie pamper my face). Whew. Oh-then I washed and dried all the bedding! That meant wrestling with king size dust mite covers-at least 4! They really need to be line-dried so if you heard that there was some big white monster on our deck yesterday-that was me trying to turn these suckers inside out with the ocean breeze blowing! Lol. It was a trick but they are done!
I don't know what all this is about. I keep telling Theresa it must be a "turning 50" thing. Lots of change happening in my life-so maybe this is just part of that. Maybe I finally realized it is ok to focus on and take care of ME for a change! And, speaking of focus...I cannot wait-simply cannot wait --for my new glasses! One eye likes distance, the other close-up. I can't see-haven't been able to see-for sometime without squinting. The new glasses should solve that and I am just elated. I am told they are quite stylish and look good! 11 days and counting!

So---what's this about a face lift? No, I am not having surgery! I decided today that maybe its time to redo my blog. While I absolutely adore the colors and the shells of the current design, change can be good. So maybe I will switch it out to something else for a bit and then one day come back to the other--or not. Today, however, I am headed to our small-town downtown for the annual 4th of July craft show. You can bet I will be taking one of those fans I made yesterday! Before I go, let me say this: check out Her organizational ideas are out of this world and the routines really, really work. Take your time and get in the habit. Use her ideas as an outline to make YOUR routines and make it work for you! The change is good. Normally I would be scrambling to try and clean the whole house today. It's done. I can go play. I have a date later in the craft room to use my ARTFUL LEGACY (www.artfullegacycom) stamps for my husband's birthday card so I will have even more play time. Thank you, Flylady!
Stay tuned-no telling what I will change next! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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