Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In just 15 minutes.... was LESS THAN 15 minutes as there was still 2 minutes AND 14 seconds left on the timer when I got done!! GO ME! As promised--here is a photo of my dining room table...the BEFORE FLYLADY pic. I set my timer for 15 minutes and went at it. Granted, I procrastinated for a few days and even a few hours this afternoon-but I DID IT...and it went from this---to this (scroll down)

in less than 15 minutes! Now-that's how I did it. Yes, I set the timer. I put things that go into other rooms into a basket and delivered them to those rooms. I didn't stop to put them away-I just went back and worked some more to finish the table. THe things are stored in a basket for me to do another 15 minutes as I can---for now, my FOCUS (key word!)--was the table. The trash got tossed, the tablecloth shook out, the centerpieces replaced. Mission accomplished. The 3 cats were my only witnesses but hey...what can I say? Below the timer pic...are photos of the checklists I made for each room. I pulled out some of my favorite papers and ribbons and made pretty things FOR ME! Can you spot the one in the living room (the picture with all the pictures? This is a "where's Waldo" picture---where's my checklist?
Hmm...if you spotted the ribbon in the
bottom left you got it! It's tucked just behind the photograph and all you can really pretty green ribbon! Only I KNOW its what I need to do to clean that room and stay focused! ; ) I know this may sound like "first grade" tactics to some of you---but those of us who are SHE's (SIDETRACKED HOME EXECUTIVES)--get sidetracked very, very easily. I can go to clean the kitchen and start to put dishes away, realize the cupboard needs organizing, pull all that out, have a phone call, stop to do that and find myself doing 6 other things and NEVER making it back to finish what I started! Remember the Family Circus comic strip? And the little boy who would set out to do something and go around the neighborhood in circles before ever reaching his destination? That's me! So my pretty checklists just help me stay on track and they are NICE to look at! Who says cleaning has to be boring?! Go see how Flylady says to mop your floors! Lol! Don't have kids--and somehow I don't think the cats would be a good substitute---but heck, I may just PRETEND I am a KID and try it myself! Check it Until next time, I am off to stamp and scrap! Hope you are, too! Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

funny that people will need to give you a 15 min warning before coming over....what do you use the hammer for?...should enter it next time for the WOYWW I do a post every Wednesday - check it out...Fab work area -soooooooo much going on.