Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Flying....!

Ok-I am on a ROLL and I am on my SOAPBOX (literally-LOL!)--so if you're not in the mood--well, keep reading anyway! Once upon a time, someone told me about FLYLADY. I can't remember when-can't remember who---it doesn't matter. I know about her and, even when this flybaby crashed and burned--she gathered herself up and started again. I have discovered that, once I deperfectionized (not sure that's a word-but I am sure you will know what I mean!) my "routines"--it worked! It really worked! And wow-I really liked going into my nice shiny bathroom and pampering myself in the morning and evening! It was always clean and in under 5 minutes. The windex, paper towels, etc. were all right there. Shower, do face, swish and swipe the countertop and it was done. I saved the shower and toilet for times when I was really cleaning. That worked for me. Then the migraine hit. And I crashed and burned again. My husband has been out of town (coming home soon) and I usually get SO MUCH DONE while he's gone. Not this time. I just couldn't get motivated. No energy. I've done some-focusing on my craft room-and things have found their way back to their home. But, normally by now, the rest of the house is well under control and I am bored. Not this time. Then I realized-when I had the migraine-I had no caffeine! I am functioning on rest and no caffeine! No BUZZ to keep me, well, BUZZING as my husband says. So, I allowed myself one cup, turned on FLYLADY radio (and I even have the Christian radio station on in the background. I am listening to her home blessing hour as I type. WOW! It's sooooo easy!!! So--I am back. I am FLYING. I can't wait! I am going to get a cute colorful basket to put my other room windex, towels, featherduster, etc in. Why does it have to be a blah color? I might even add a pretty ribbon to it! And oh! She talks about decluttering the magazines-cut out what you want, put in a page protector, toss the rest. WHOA! I do that with my craft magazines! I DO THAT! GO ME! I have an awesome notebook with dividers for scrapbook pages, classes, tutorials, etc! Ok-my break is over...I must get my wings going again. Go check out Turn on her Weekly Blessing Hour program and see if you can keep up-the house done in an hour? I can DO THAT!!! She even gives you breaks in there! Gotta go. Until next time, I will have PLENTY of time to scrap and stamp--hope you will to! Blessings, Sharon

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