Saturday, August 21, 2010

How about some bedroom & bathroom humor...?!

RATED: G of course!!! Really-I am not that kind of girl! Lol! I have been trying to clean the craft kingdom today--and the two photo's I've used have been sitting in my window for MONTHS. It was time to take a break and do something with them. Here's the results:Let's start with the bedroom. We woke up one Saturday morning to CRASH CLATTER and BANG. The entire venetian blind in one of our front bedrooms came down. On one side sat a small black cat looking up like "Oh-how did that happen" and a much larger, gray cat on the other looking at me as if to say "I didn't do it, Momma!" The rest of the story is...our bedroom looks out onto our front deck which is also where our two "feral" cats show up. Inky likes to sit in the window in the morning and talk to them. Bad Cat can fit in the window---but only if it is open! My guess is...after repeated attempts to peek behind the blind, it finally loosened enough and gave way--hence the crash. I found this rubber stamp on e-bay and just HAD to have it!!! When I get around to making the cat scrapbook I think it will enhance the journaling card nicely! The "stick" is supposed to mimic the gizmo from the blinds and I used some beading elastic and beads wrapped around it for the cords. Does it work? I wish it were thinner and I have the perfect thing-just can't find it when I wanted it...anybody else out there have that problem?
Ok-so onto the BATHROOM humor...! Inky (aka "the kitten" aka "the problem child"), for whatever reason, for a very long time, refused to drink. Anything. We tried water, tuna juice, tuna slushies (yes, I did-I thought if there was enough tuna I might be able to get him to drink it--not), Cat Sip (which is vet-approved version of milk). Not drinking led to major bladder issues. So when I caught him drinking from the toilet...well, I wasn't about to stop him! He was drinking after all! I thought only DOGS drank out of the toilet?! Guess I was wrong on that point! I am happy to say that he is FINALLY drinking (albeit from some weird sources (water from cut flowers, a pitcher we keep on the counter just for him, the sink faucet...)-but drinking and happy and healthy with no catheterizations in over a year!!! Thank you and BLESS YOU Dr. Travis!

That's it for today. As I said, I have been trying to clean my magic kingdom---not making FAST progress but progress nonetheless. It will be good to have things back where they need to be and I know where they are! Maybe tomorrow I will post the embossing folder book---cat hair stuck on the cover and all! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.


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