Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scrambled Sentances for Saturday...

Hi All. There weren't too many new posts on the blogs I follow daily so I thought I would throw some scrambled thoughts and sentences together for you just for the fun of it.
First, at 1:00 today I get to have my hair redone! Some of you liked it---and I thank you for your comforting words and approval!-but, I didn't and I even received gasps of horror and speechless looks of shock from others! Lol! As the saying goes, if "Momma ain't happy...". Hopefully David will wave his magic wand and I will be back to what was a color very close to my natural hair color with some highlights! Counting down...

I received some new stamps in the mail this week from Artful Legacy and I had a brainstorm of an idea for one of them. I don't want to give it all away, but it involves glass, embossing powder,
Versamark ink, contact paper, heat gun and, of course, a rubber stamp (note: this is not an AL stamp)! Mind you I was just playing around with this and experimenting--so this is not "top notch" here (are you listening MC?! ; ) )--but it worked as well as the web instructions said it would. It's also a bit difficult to photograph well. Did you guess? This is my test run of stamping, embossing and etching an image onto glass! Yes, glass! If my project for Artful Legacy comes out as good as I hope, I will be very pleased! I think if I get the camera battery charged I may even make a tutorial out of it. Hmm...stay tuned to the Artful Legacy blog for that ( I can't wait to try it!

Sometime back I posted (quite a lot!) about our "kitten" (3 yrs. old) Inky and his health issues. The cat simply did not want to drink and hence that created a number of problems. We've solved that situation, however, as you can see! Yes, he's on the counter; yes, he's drinking out of my cup...
But that wasn't the worst part! See that blue pitcher to the right? We leave that filled up...he likes to drink out of that, too. Problem is, my husband and I KNOW that that's what that's visiting stepson and his girlfriend...didn't and we forgot to tell them! Opps. I am happy to report that they are fine and after a few "eewwwws" we had a good laugh! After all the vet visits (not to mention bills!) I am not about to discourage this cat from drinking!
If you are a CAT LOVER like I am---and have ever wondered if BIG CATS (lions and tigers and leopards, oh my!) go check out the Saturday post on It is an awesome youtube video that will answer the question for you! Beautiful, BIG cats!
I am off to change loads of laundry, vacuum some cat hair and head out the door for my hair appointment. Whatever YOU do today-have some fun. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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