Saturday, November 5, 2011

4 hours and counting...

until Theresa and I "set up shop"!
Holly here
for another year.
I am trying to ignore
the huge gusts of wind that keep
shaking the house
(we're up on pilings)
and rattling the doors and windows!
The weatherman said
this would be gone--
so I am hoping it will be
and Theresa and I won't be clinging to the sides of the pop up
to keep it from flying away.
I think
I will get down the baskets I decided not to use
as, in case it doesn't blow through
my items may not blow away as easily
if nestled in a basket.
One can hope!
I added a couple more new items to this years list...
Beribboned Bookmarks
And these test tubes were sitting around begging to be used
so I whipped up some Bath Salts
(based on a Martha Stewart recipe).
The lavender bath salts have a few lavender buds in it
It gives it a little natural color and looks pretty in person
here-not so much...
I wanted a variety of "girlfriend gifts" this year
little somethings prettily packaged
for those people that you need a little something for
coworkers, hairdresser--you know
My pocketbook has been a little slimmer
so I wanted to keep them price-friendly as well...
Other than a few treks to the attic
to retrieve the baskets
I am ready to go.
Can't sleep-so a cup of tea
(nervous stomach, too)
and blog hopping
may help pass the time.
If we don't blow away
I will be back to let you know
how it went!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


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