Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Wind was in the Willows...

and our outside booth yesterday!
30 mile and hour gusts...all. day. long.
Thank God-and Bob (thank you, Bob!)
we had a pop up up secured with cement blocks
so we weren't chasing the tent around the parking lot
but we were chasing our various items for sale
around it!
All in all,
it was fun.
Not as profitable as we hoped-but not a total bust, either.
We both made our booth space cost back and then some.
I had wayyyyy too much stuff on my table.
Far too cluttered looking
so I will be paring down what I take the next show
Dec. 3rd
and perusing sites for more ideas
on CATNIP items--by far, yet again,
my best seller!
And Holly Days is always sentimental
and I get a little teary and choked up
as it's where Theresa and I met!
Thanks again, to Bob.
He asked if I needed help breaking my booth down
as his wife was across the way
and he'd be willing to help me, too, if I needed it...
and by the way, she stamps, too...
So I wandered over...we got to talking
and I said
"let's exchange phone numbers and maybe we can go
shopping together sometime..."
Fast forward (we think!) 6 years now...
and countless shopping trips later...
and we're still great friends...
through it all.
Her smile and her laugh are great--
so's her heart!

I never ever remember
to have someone take a picture of the two of us! GRRR!
from Bob helping with the pop-up and bringing us breakfast
(and plant stands!--inside joke there)
to he, Michael, Theresa, Mary Beth and Sharon B.
 helping me pack everything back up and cart it all to the truck
(and my hubby for loaning me his truck!)
it was fun and worth all the sore muscles I've got today.
And boy howdy-there are a lot of them!!!
But-Flylady would be proud of me-
it's all neatly counted, restored
and ready to go for the next one.
Today...I can rest...
after I do some room rescues...
hot coffee, hot bath, good book...
a cat in my lap...
hmm--if that's  not  motivation I don't know what is!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

It was fun- regardless of the bad weather that seems to come our way lately when we plan something outdoors- think yard sale!!! LOL