Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Note: No animals were harmed during the photo shoot and all were given plenty of treats!

How was it?
Did you get lots of treats? Or just tricks?
My goddaughter showed up
sans (without) costume
expecting treats.
Didn't happen, sister!
She went back to the car and came up to get ready
I've not seen the cartoon
about Princess Bubblegum and a vampire-
not sure I want to---
she chose to be a vampire---
so I left the red eyes in at least one photo
just for the heck of it scary factor

as if teenagers aren't scary enough as it is!

I had a headband with wobbly bats on it...
took it off and spied a cat...
this is what happens
when one doesn't have little people to dress up
for halloween...
First up, Poppa Cat...

"hey-what are these things, anyway?"

"I give up-let's get it over with, Momma!"

Then there was Bad Cat...

He actually got into it and sat and posed for me!
Too funny!
The baby was up next-I really didn't think he would tolerate it at all-
but, I was wrong!
I got a few...

I think he was playing dead here...
"if I play dead  will she leave me alone?!"

"wait---wait---that was MY COSTUME!"

"What are YOU looking at...?!"

Alas, Halloween is over
and Holly Days is coming...
so you may not hear much from me
until it's over...
Until then,
Happy stamping and scrapping!

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