Friday, November 18, 2011

Excused absence, please...

I've not abandoned my blog---
I promise.
After the marathon scrapbook Friday night--Saturday afternoon
and the crop on Sunday
I was madly working to finish
the preschool scrapbook
for their Thanksgiving Feast
The good news is--
I did it.
The bad news is
I am sick.
Wed. afternoon the runny nose started
then the upset stomach through the night
nausea hit next
and by morning the being hot then freezing.
I delivered the scrapbook, put out Sunday's bulletins
and came home and went to bed
All day.
Today will be a repeat I think even tho I do feel a wee bit better.
When I recover I will share some photos of it.
The director was really pleased.
I had to rescue a layout or two-
the Firemen came in Oct. not Nov.
as I had scrapped-so had to juggle those
and then the Police Dog Oreo got sick and was a "no show"
so the page all ready for her photos
had to be redone as well.
Trials and trauma
and phone calls to Theresa
who gave me "what for"
for doing this to myself---
I know.
I always take on too much
to be done too soon
and end up stressed out.
The little ones are so cute tho!
And I have no little ones to scrap.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up,
I have to share this tho-and the retelling doesn't do it justice.
Not knowing the dog was a no-show,
I had gone down the hall to see if I could see her and the kids
out on the playground.
I did see and hear the police car and the two policemen
and children gathered around.
The two-year old's were lined up and coming in.
The first little blond haired girl
had two Junior Police badges in her hand.
I said, "Oh! Look what you got!"
And she looked up at me with her big eyes and smiled
and handed me one.
I looked at it, fussed over it,
and handed it back to her.
She shook her head---
I said, "is this for me?"
She shook her head "yes" and went on to her classroom.
I was soooo touched.
She so willingly gave me one of her treasures...
it was just one of those Hallmark moments--
I wore that badge proudly
all. day. long.
Out in public. To scrapbooking group (they know I am nuts anyway!)
and that little piece of made in Japan plastic
 it sits proudly on my dresser.
as a reminder
of what it give.
We should all take a lesson in this.
We have wayyyy too much in this day and time
and so many needs surround us.
This Thanksgiving/Christmas
I am rethinking my giving.
And I going to do it with a grateful heart
like that little gal did. Hopefully.
We all have SOMETHING we can share-
even if it's as simple
as a junior police officer badge!

Until next time,
pass the Vitamin C, the Benedryl, the hot tea-
and happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Get well soon hun - still here and will wait..