Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making up for lost time & MARATHON MADNESS!

I am T-totally worn out!
My soon to be 12 year old goddaughter, Maren,
tried to kill me this week-end.
Her cousin got married a year ago...
fast forward to Wednesday evening
and I got this call...
"Can you pleeeeeaaaasssseeee help me finish
Kendra's wedding album
'cause we will see her over Thanksgiving..."
Ok.  We can do that.
Friday was no school-I am off on Friday's anyway
so at 2 Mom dropped her off.
She had paper, she had embellishments, she had tools...
but no photos!
Deeeeeeeeeeep Breath.
Called Mom.
Back to her house we went
where we spent the next 2+ hours
editing and uploading photos for one-hour printing.
Grabbed some dinner,
got the photos
some Peppermint Hot Chocolate
and at 7:30 last night...
we started!
She had a few pages already done...
but we had 42 photos to go!
By 9:30 the child was drooping and we didn't know what to do
with the last of the shower photos, so we called it a night.
After a much-deserved rum drink and a neck rub
I literally fell into bed
(I was that tired-not that much rum-
or well, being THAT TIRED that little bit of rum
went a long way!).
The alarm cat
went off at just shy of 6 AM...
I had just gotten them fed
and pushed the "on" button on the coffee pot-
and here she comes-bright eyed and bushy tailed.
So---we started. Again.
And an hour ago (1 PM)...we finished.
I lost count of layouts.
We tossed maybe 2 photos.
We were one page off...grrr....
add base page, decorative paper and a post it--
insert bulletin or invitation here
problem solved.
But, I highly recommend that you
DO NOT try this at home!
An entire 12x12  album in less than 24 hours!
Thank God for Close to My Heart,
now discontinued Wings paper pack
and the new CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.
Oh-and Scotch tape gun.
And CTMH divided pages-
they saved my sanity in the end...!
Without further ado,
here are the photos-
they don't do the pages justice-
but you have an idea of just what a very creative
soon-to-be 12 year old can do...with a little help from her godmother...

Beginning with the cover-
a very pretty soft cream

The inside page...

The shower...
on the left we wrapped the photos like presents
since she was opening presents...

on the right---the underware---
with her new "mrs. name" in rhinestones!
Maren found a tiny embellishment
of a t and panties to match!
This was one of the favorite layouts for her!

more presents-I love the fact that Maren got photos of  things
like the present at her feet--
great "non-traditional" shots-
even more awesome that a 12 year old thought of it!
Can we say the child is gifted--?!
More awesome shots-the card with wine bottles on it-
the gift bag with "I do!"...

Bridesmaids and groomsmen...

the pages she did in my class a few months back...

Coming down the aisle on dad's arm...
this is beautiful flocked paper she picked out!
The bird is holding two pieces of cream satin ribbon with
two little wire hearts dangling from them! Again-her idea!

The Vows...
with Art Philosophy butterflies! Aren't they pretty?!

She was all a-flutter over this these photos-
she said she wanted to BE SURE to get THE KISS
and she did!
We laughed, tho, at the minister's mouth in the middle of it!
The second page of the layout...back down the aisle-
she picked out this paper as well-a year ago-
She was bananas over it as it matched the setting perfectly!

On to the reception-they didn't have a cake-
they had a tower of cup cakes...

Art Philosophy to the rescue again!
We cut cream colored cupcakes, the green wrapper
and then cut the wrapper again out of brown and used the
sliversto make it appear as CHOCOLATE cupcakes!
For the icing we used Martha Stewart glitter glue swirled on
and then some snow glitter
FYI-if you are in a hurry
you can hit that concoction with a heat gun
and it will set right up!
(heat from both sides to even out any "curling" ; ) )
A small doily folded in half made the perfect "plate"!
We were getting very very burned out and tired-
so we pulled out the CTMH divided pages
and altered them to our liking-
we covered the top two vertical spaces with dp
and laid our photo in a flip flap over that!
She lamented that she didn't have a "First Dance" embellishment-
I said we have stamps, ink and a computer & printer-
we HAVE a First Dance AND Our family
(This is the brides stepson in the bottom photos)
Waving that magic wand, baby!
I did "First" and "family" on the computer
then stamped "Dance" and "Our" with the juniper ink
and the Bohemian alphabet stamps.

But wait-the rest of the reception photos wouldn't fit in the vertical spaces...
so we sacrificed that back side of that divided page
and attached another version of a divided page...
this one has two vertical and two horizontal spaces
(again, discontinued...)
but another dilemma still-there were two more photos to be used...
enter two more 4x6 Flip Flaps and an SU tab punch! Problem solved!
And---we were off by one last page...
so AP and the Cricut to the rescue!
We cut the flouris (I'm too tired to try and spell Fleur de---whatever-)
you get the picture-literally!
She added the flower embellishment and crystals.
The end.

SO-there you have it!
A complete 12x12 album in less than 24 hours!
After a brief break
I need to go clean up
and then gather up my goodies
to go to a CROP tomorrow
(yes, I gotta be crazy!)
and work on the Preschool scrapbooks-
yes, PLURAL--
this years and last...
that need to be done
by Thursday AM!
Bring on the hot chocolate-
followed by the rum!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Please let me pick my jaw up off the floor before I begin by saying, "WOW!"

You are amazing! I am amazed that you two accomplished all these layouts in such a small period of time. And they are very nicely done, too! Every page looks like it was made with loving care. Way to go, girls! I know I'm not the only one impressed. :-)

Dawn said...

This is awesome and maybe I should do that and give myself a quick finish time because y'all did a great job! You go chickys!!!

Shay said...

What a great job she did. Maybe it's in the genes?

Anonymous said...

I normally hate commenting, but i thought i would give it a go for this blog. Been reading your stuff for awhile.