Friday, February 24, 2012

Attention All Ladies....

Warning: this is an
I am on my soapbox (again!) post...

please, please, please
heed that little inner voice
that tells you when something doesn't sound quite right
doesn't feel quite right, doesn't sit too well...
get that second---maybe even third opinion
or however many it takes
until you are completely convinced
that what you've been told
is as humanly possibly correct
as it can be...
and this goes for ANYONE
with any medical issue...

Last year
I had an abnormal pap smear.
My MD who did it told me
no, I didn't need an endometrium biopsy
(which I had had before-which is painful)
fast forward to the OB-GYN she referred me to
who said I needed that biopsy
and a colposcopy, too...

Praise God, both biopsies were fine---
there was "evidence of fragments of a polyp".
the GYN could not explain to me
what a polyp was, why it was there,
if there were more or if I needed to be concerned about it.
The third practitioner I was seeing at that point
wasn't overly concerned--so I let it go.
The GYN had released me to go back to annual pap smears
so that's what my plan was.

Fast forward almost a year---
having multiple health issues,
I got lucky and got to see
a physician's assistant that I TRUST EMPHATICALLY
who shook her head and said
when I relayed the story(ies) above.
She said...
"I would have had you repeat paps at 3, 6, and then 1 year..."
which in turn led me to knocking hard
on the door of the GYN she recommended.
Yesterday I was told that,
based on last year's test results,
that GYN would have repeated the pap smear,
done the two biopies
(I was not medicated--
have had 2 by two different gyn's in my lifetime-no meds either time!)
and then, because of the pieces of a polyp,
would have ordered 2 additional tests,
and had me repeat the pap in 6 mo.

So today
I find myself trying not to worry
while I wait two weeks for test results
to determine
what may--or may not-- have happened
in a years time...

I was not comfortable with the first GYN.
I should have walked out.
I was not 100% sure of the second practitioner I was seeing
and I should have seen a third.
Kicking myself.
Do research. Read. Ask. Ask some more.
If you don't get answers---find someone who can give them to you.
My late husband said of doctors, "I hired you-I can fire you!"
Now, I know--Doctors are not God!
They are not all knowing.
But if what they are saying is not making sense-
if you are not comfortable and getting relief

End of that soapbox.
I was feeling pretty low after all this
and still had errands to run in town.
I stopped at the health food store I frequent
(I have food allergies-wheat among others...)
and I heard a family behind me talking.
I gathered they were probably "newbies" to food allergies
and I heeded that little voice that told me to butt in.
I asked and yes, a young college student had just been diagnosed
last week with gluten allergies.
We talked a long time.
I think I was able to offer her some hope and encouragement
as I showed her my full cart and told her about
what we tried-what worked, didn't and so on.
I felt somewhat redeemed at that point.
That God used my struggle with my allergies
and what I learned from that
to help someone else...
hence my "soapbox" preface to this post...
maybe hearing me share will help save someone else...
whose wondering and questioning...

I'll post some projects
either later today or this week-end.
Until next time,
thanks for letting me vent
and happy stamping and scrapping!



Whimcees said...


That was good of you to offer your help to the young woman. I was diagnosed with Celiac Spru about 10 years ago now - I make my own bread, etc. It is an individual journey for every one to find what is available and what works for them but it is certainly easier now that it is the 'in' thing and so many foods are available!

I can relate so much to your 'vent' post - I have so many stories but am sad to say that I have given up at this point on most of it. I wish you all good results with your tests. Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Michele said...

I totally agree with going with your gut......with Cortney we've had to really watch who we have and have gone to many, many docs. IT is good that you advocated for yourself....maybe not as quickly as you would have liked...
I will keep you in my prayers that everything comes out normal for you! hugs!