Saturday, February 18, 2012

FRIEND-SHIP on The Open Sea...

After a full day of prepping kits for class
on Tuesday night
I still hadn't made the
Thinking of You card
my husband requested a day or so ago...
and, sadly, time may be of the esssence
in this case so I decided
I needed to CASE a card quickly
and get it done.
I knew I had the Stampin Up nautical papers
and The Open Sea coordinating stamp set
and since this was for a man---
it was a perfect fit.
I started by Googling
"Stampin Up-The Open Sea"
and the first thing that came up was
and they have an entire GALLEY-er, gallery
dedicated to this stamp set!
I hit a treasure chest full!
Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum---
I cased a card and was off to have some fun!
Thanks to
whose website is
Will have to check it out later!
Anyway-this is the finished product:
The stamps are SU--as is the patterned dp
and the baker's twine.
The solid cardstock is from my stash-
so no clue who or where on that...
Barbara even has the instructions for that fancy knot...
I laughed-me-tying a fancy knot!
I tie what my late husband called "Sharon Knots"
nothing known to man---
but they don't come undone, that's for sure!
Before I attempted it, however,
I had to get the "kinks" out of the Baker's Twine.
You know how ribbons, fibers and such get those
little "kinks" from being wrapped around the cards they come on.
Well! Do I have a trick for you!
Archivers sells a fancy little iron-to the tune of $ 25 or more
(if memory serves...)
Moi has a better and cheaper idea!
Part of my new hairstyle a while back was
flattening some of my curls and creating some chic bangs...
enter the FLAT IRON -- $ 9 at WM...
and hey, if it works on hair...
surely it will work on Baker's Twine, ribbon...
and yep-sure 'nough, matey, it does!
I just heated that baby up, ran the twin through there quickly
once (ok-twice for good measure)
and presto! No kinks!
I wanted to give it some "oomph"
so not one but two layers of pop-dots
(my hubby wasn't happy when I said extra postage
but looks awesome in person
and makes the difference between
well-done hand-made and off the rack at WM
or even Hallmark!
Here's the inside--
Close to My Heart sentiment and alphabets,
ink, too, for that matter.
SU and CTMH-great shipmates!

No naked mail so the enve got stamped as well.
Well, that's it for me today!
I've got to clean off the work table
maybe do some flylady attic time
and tend to some other housework.
I may be MIA tomorrow as well
as I am hoping to take my hubby
for the House of Blues Gospel Brunch
and maybe spend some time just sight-seeing
before we head home.

Speaking of "brunch"-
that BAD CAT...
he decided to help himself to a snack last night...
We accidently got the wrong kind of food-
so we grabbed a bucket and put the new/right food in it
but the top was not secured.
I was googling the card and heard crunching...
and this is what I found...
He was merrily chomping away
but tried to look innocent like
"hey, how'd that come off like that?!"
And we wonder why his tummy sags!

Next week I will show you
what our groupies worked on
and sometime soon after that
I will  have a TUTORIAL coming up
so stay tuned!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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