Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hershey Heart Roses How-to...

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?
Well, let me save your backside then!
Here's a
first-gather this stuff up...
Hershey Hearts, Red Cling Wrap, floral wire, floral tape,
double stick tape,wire cutters,scissors,
Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH,
(not shown in this shot: scallop punch, doilies,
Mad About You CTMH stamp set, Watermelon ink pad,
acrylic block and pink ribbon...)

Cut the floral wire in half (approx. 9")

Put double stick tape on backside of two hearts
and place floral wire in middle
(note: you want the pointy part of the heart
facing up and away from the "stem")...

After you made your heart sandwich,
because Hershey puts three different colors of hearts
in their bags---who wants silver roses?!
I wrapped my hearts in Red cling wrap-
it also helps hold them together--
(I used the pink colored ones here-but the red wrap
does cover the silver and make them look red!)

just cut a small square, wrap it tightly around
and then I secured the ends with some clear tape.

Then start wrapping with your floral tape
(getting this started is kinda tricky---the scotch tape
holding down the cling wrap is a real plus
when trying to do this part...
that and do cut a piece (give or take 12") floral tape
off the roll-this made wrapping SO MUCH EASIER
than getting it tangled while still attached to the roll...

add a leaf (I cut mine at 2" using the AP cartridge--
you can also get some cheap artificial flowers
and just use the leaves...)
wrap the stem some and then GENTLY
add in the second leaf...
here's what happens when you try to wrap them too tight...
(insert wordy durds of your own choice!)
CUT EXTRA LEAVES! They will tear-
that stem is thin---
and some will cut wonky
and you'll have the white core showing...
so just cut extra so you can save yourself
the headache later...

I used my scallop punch
(not wanting a repeat of the Cricut and CTMH White Daisy paper
and then stamped
Happy Valentine's Day
using CTMH Watermelon ink...

These were for a customer order.
One of hubby's coworkers wants them
for her son to give to his teachers.
I used WordPerfect to print "from Trey" on the cardstock
and, because CTMH stamps are CLEAR...
I knew EXACTLY where to stamp!
Gotta love that!
Can't do that in a million years with a wood-block stamp
and get it right all the time!
Next I cut a slit in a small doily
and, for lack of a better word,
"scrunched it" around the stem
just below the leaves.
I secured the "scrunched part"
with a small piece of scotch tape
and covered that with another small piece of
floral tape.
I attached the tags with pink ribbon
tied in a small bow.
Here's all 8 nestled in a box
ready to be delivered to my customer on Monday.
I think
I will be making some more of these tomorrow
for well--
let's keep that a secret for now!

Off to relax some more and read.
The weather here has taken a severe dip in temperature
and I am battling a mega headache since last night.
NOTHING seems to be easing it off...
including trying to ignore it!

One more note before I go---
BOTH Hubby and I
worked in decluttering the attic this morning!
In fact, his willingness to go up and get started
without my asking...
got me motivated
to try and do a little...
which turned into two hours!
We made some great progress-
and we even sorted out paperwork downstairs
later in the day!
He was so pleased to tell me he had
trash bags to go out!
So Flylady is right-it does rub off!
I had two bags of trash, two bags for the thrift store
and sorted out four more sections of attic shelves!
Yesterday I did my "home blessing hour"
so things were straightened up to start the week-end off right
we slept later,
we tackled an "extra" project,
I did some laundry in between
and I spent the afternoon crafting.
I am going to church,
finishing Valentines and
then going to hear
a Christian speaker
to teens on sexual purity
given my goddaughter
is 12 going on 25...
I think this is a good thing...
for me to hear--for her to hear
should her mom choose to take her with us.
If you have a young person
in your house or life---
please check out her website.
I've heard clips from her speechs for weeks now
and she gets to the heart of the topic
with humor--with facts--
with good sound advice.

Off to relax!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


Kristin said...

Great tutorial {do more} and very sweet gift!

Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Those came out great!! Will have to try them.

Roberta Laliberte said...

Fabulous tutorial! Think I am gonna have to try it too!


Kristin said...

Great idea! I've seen these with Hershey Kisses, but these are so easy, and look beautiful the way you packaged them

Thanks for linking up at Simply Klassic Sunday!

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Sharon, these would be great for Mother's Day. I'm going to keep this one for the school Mother's Day stall. If you get a moment, did you want to share this at Thriving on Thursdays? We'd love to have you.

Anne @ Domesblissity xx