Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello all---it's officially TGIF Day!
I am soooo glad my work week is over
and that hubby is back home
which means that my major cleaning/redecorating overhaul
has somewhat come to a close!
I've decluttered and cleaned

 the craft room
(my only wish now is to find a papasan chair at a good price--
craig's list...?--to go in there instead of the desk chair)
(hubby's only comment was "it looks different in here..."?!)
Understatement for sure!!!

I've also rearranged some things in our bedroom
that makes the wall space a little less cluttered
(and therefore more relaxing looking...)
gotta love that reflection!

Wish I knew what to do to cover up those ugly brown cords...
one plug is close-but the other is a bit away--
I really like those little lights-but the cords haVe been a conundrum
for sometime now.
There's not a lot of room between the end of the bed and the wall...
so a pedestal or something of that nature won't work
or the thing you can get to cover up cords because of where the switch is...
oh well...

thinking a nice beach scene painting or art piece to replace the map...
or at least add "our little piece of paradise:" and an arrow
to it!

I had two  huge collage frames with our wedding photos
above the bed...a photo slipped
I tried to fix it and cracked the glass. One down.
Then another photo slipped in the other one and I said the heck with it.
Time for a change.
Not wanting to spend boo coos of $ on a large wall art piece
I got canvases for a song at WM--attached photos to them
added the dried flower arrangements I had used at the wedding
and am thinking that a light-weight neutral colored fish net
draped around and across there is just the last little touch it needs....
or maybe not?
 Tell me what you think...
I DON'T want to create more clutter---
but is all that white wall space too much?
Or are my eyes just used to seeing it filled up?

At some point ---new curtains and comforter are coming
blues and greens --  beachy colors...
but therein lies yet another conundrum-
where oh where does one find OVERSIZE bedding?
ALL the catalogs show you these great quilts and comforters
draped over beds---
they put a king size whatever---over a double bed
so it LOOKS like the thing comes well over the sides of the bed
and it does-because the bed isn't the same size as the whatever
they are using!
We have a king size bed---so there's no going bigger in what's out there.
Sigh. I may have to learn to quilt after all...
something yet another thing I've wanted to learn to do...
Then after the craft room and bedroom...
I tackled this wall going into the craft room
It was covered in heavy framed family photos-
time to lighten it up drastically!
I relocated those photos to another room...
and decided what this wall needed
was one of the layouts I made while at our CROP last Saturday...
so I pulled out the frames I had purchased
compliments of my goddaughter and her mom
(they also "funded" part of the new wall art in the room itself!)
 and used some of the wedding photos from the collage...
while the actual ceremony was in our then-new sanctuary,
we had photos taken on the beach afterward...
Joel did an awesome job---and I can't help wanting to show them off...

I didn't take time to resize/reprint the pics-just used what I had
and yes, I am standing on the beach in high heels!
(Thanks to my stepson, Tommy, who buried a board
underneath that sand!
He's a former Marine and that mission was right up his alley!)

Speaking of the CROP...
here's a few photos...
first up-Sharon and Mary Cobb
 and here's Buzz...

Poor Theresa felt so awful and threatened me with more than
bodily harm if I posted her pic---
so I won't---she WAS THERE
sitting across from me-toughing it out.
And I appreciate that fact more than she knows!

I needed a storage thing for my office
and had rescued this from my attic and put it on the love seat
to take with me the next morning...
Inky had to check it out-

"I fit in here, Momma!" lol!

Well, today Theresa and I are going out together
for some girl-time
then this week-end
it's up in the attic I go
to clean/declutter/reorganize up there
so I can then sort and put away
all the stuff (including Christmas decorations!)
I stashed in our back bedroom
while doing the other rooms.
It, too, will be 15 minutes at a time.
And I WILL take some more time out for some fun...
maybe hubby will surprise me with a date of some sort?!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Gotta add--the redecorating/reorganizing thing...
you DON'T need a lot of $$ to do this...
Yes, I did purchase some new frames
(but that was a Christmas gift certificate choice)
and some wall art
(part of which, again, was gift certificate)
MOST OF IT...was simply
taking things completely out of the room-
stripping it down to the bare bones
and then slowly putting things back in...
maybe some things there were there originally...
some things from another room or attic...
but most of all
Some of the things I took out...I will keep.
Others...well, if I don't absolutely love it
or think I can repurpose it in my life
then I will BLESS OTHERS with it!
Either pass it on to a thrift store--or yard sale it...
(Flylady frowns on the yard sale thing...but well...anyway!)
So don't think you have to have a huge budget to redo something.
I also shop thrift stores a lot...
one man's trash---
You don't want to bring in more clutter
(yes, I am guilty---but working on changing my ways!)
so-that's my afterthought!
Go--have some fun--
tell me what I've inspired YOU to redecorate/declutter-
or better yet, SHOW ME!

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