Friday, February 17, 2012

OH HAPPY DAY! Congratulations Again to


I am known as the
and, unbeknownst to many,
I am also
(who made her dew-but (get it-flower fairy...dew....?!)
at my goddaughters 8th birthday party
and that persona blooms out every once in awhile
I hope she will aways hold on to that little bit of
"is this for real?!" she has about it!)
and, as of yesterday,
thanks to
I have a new title and position as a
Roberta put out a call for a new design team member
using one of images
and yesterday she announced that I had been picked!
As my title indicates,
I will be bibbidie-bobbidie-booing up
some tutorials
and posting them on Roberta's blog
as well as my own.
In fact, I have an idea kicking around in my head
for the very first one...
and I *think* it will involve
combined with another project I recently made
to show a variation of a card we'll be making
in our groupie class next week...
I am going to call it---
That's what Roberta made yesterday for me!

And yesterday was a wee bit stressful.
My husband is a town employee--
and the Town Council was meeting for major budget cuts...
we've been praying for sometime over this situation...
As it turned out, when all was said and done,
3 people from his department and 3 from another department
had their positions terminated.
While we "dodged the bullet" so to speak
others weren't so blessed and our hearts hurt for them.
We're believers-
and we know that God has our best interests at heart
(if you haven't watched the movie COURAGEOUS-do so)
but even so sometimes it's hard to put that faith into action
and not worry, fret, stress...
My prayers are with those waking up unemployed this morning--
that they will be able to hold fast to the saying that
"when God closes a door, he opens a window..."
and that their next steps will be led by Him.
I've seen that-many times.
When, in answer to my prayer some years back
when I was faced with difficult circumstances in what I had once
thought of as "my dream job"...I ask Him
"to either change things (in my job) in a big way---
or open and close doors in a VERY OBVIOUS WAY..."
it resulted in my resignation.
I had helped build a practice from the ground up
and got stabbed in the back once success, followed by greed, took over...
At the time, I was crushed.

Fast forward 6 months
(I was blessed my husband was able and willing

to let me take some time off to regroup...)
and the very day
 got up and decided that I was ready to look for a new job
I made exactly one phone call---for a totally different reason
and found my job now!
I am a part time church secretary-
less than 10 minutes from home.
I make the bulletin and newsletter look pretty
(can we say digital scrapbooking, people?!)
I design fliers, posters, brochures-
and do whatever else they need me to.
I often find myself needing my scrapbooking tools-at work!
Did I mention ny hours are flexible-
and am blessed with a second church family to boot?
I walk out the door---and can forget about work
(unlike my previous full-time and then some position!)
Hubby reminded me that this past Monday
marked the 5 year anniversary
of the interview that led to that job...
Praise be-God is GOOD!

I am glad it's the week-end.
Got to finish my class kits, do some flyladying
and of course my
Stay tuned....!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!