Friday, May 18, 2012

I will promise you...

that if you or your company
are one of those ANNOYING ADS
that play before the news videos I want to watch
purchase or support your product!
If you give me an option
of "opting out of watching" it-
I might-just might-reconsider!
You may force me to sit through your nonsense
to get to what I really want to see--
but you CANNOT force me
to buy your product!
Are you listening
Fancy Feast
(oh this one will hurt them for sure-because I own 5 CATS!)
and I can't even remember the rest
without checking my list!
But I do have one--trust me!

My crafting mojo is MIA-
(hard to find subjects scrapbook when we never, absolutely never
go anywhere or do anything anymore...but that's a whole
'nother can of worms I won't get into...)

On another note---
 this was the view from our deck last night
as we've had evening thunderstorms all week
Can you see the rainbow?

Here's the other half off the back deck...

On another note...
these two were curled up together-
"my friend makes a good pillow!" so says Inky...
and Poppa Cat doesn't seem to mind!

and Ms. Dolly was checking out the rainbow as well...

Today officially starts my weekend
and it's cloudy, cool and rainy looking...
maybe I will go curl back up and nap, too!

Whatever you do---
until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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