Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Sultry Beach Scenes...

and some other stuff!
Is the title for today's post!

First up,
Theresa and I went shopping
in Wilm on Fri.
and I found fabric!
From left to right--allergy pillows, headache pillows
and last but not least,
hopefully a full skirt for me!
(those first patterns look overwhelming-but the pillows
are close to a checkbook size so you will only see
a small design portion-tones them down considerably!)

When I ventured into the craft room on Sunday...

Inky decided that the (hard) plastic strip off a package
made a great cat toy...

and I tried my hand at a rolled flower...
so-so...not overly impressed.
Last night
I started on the seven teachers end-of-year cards
I wanted to make...
and my helper was back...

this time with rick-rack and his mousie...

Momma wore him out playing!

Here's my "seven sultry beach scenes"...
I kept putting these off even though I really enjoy
making them...

It usually gets a big laugh...
and I hope they will this time
and that no one will take offense...!

I need to add a "RELAX" on here tho...hmmm...

Tonight is groupie night
so I am off to round up the last of my class stuff
and go and teach.
More Footloose pages (beach theme!).
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
I also did some flyladying this past week-end
organized some photos...
guess who....
see-natural red-head...!

this one is faded considerably-
my hair was not that light (ever!)
Theresa said
I haven't changed a bit?
What do you think?!

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