Sunday, May 6, 2012

Run for the Roses...

Yesterday I attended a
Kentucky Derby party
that a friend of mine
hosts annually.
Last year Theresa and Bob went
and said they had such a good time
this year I decided to go, too
(learning to do things on my own...again...)

there was a hat contest for the ladies.
I don't do hats-I look horrible in hats
one of our local gift shops---
had a pink cowgirl hat---with a rhinestone crown on it--
but it was wayyyy more than I wanted to pay--
and, as I said-I don't do hats-
I do tiaras
(OKIStampQueen-of course I do tiaras! lol!)
and since this was all last-minute for me---
 I Googled how to make a fascinator!
(Similar to a tiara....! Think Kate Middleton!)
TONS of ideas out there...
Here's what I came up with...

I used a wide spring green headband, a small plastic horse
and some tulle
(all from the  dollar store...)
feathers I had on hand...
SU green striped ribbon for leaves...
red cardstock and my Close to My Heart
Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.
I took a strip of tulle, gathered it with a running stitch
and looped and hot glued it to a small clear plastic circle
(I cut up the lid to a container...)
then I made my flowers...
The ones on my fascinator
were cut at 5 1/2"
The one's below are merely 2 1/2"

This is what it looks like cut out...
 (my paper was a bit damp-window open-high humidity)
You start with that small end and start curling
someone recommended a quilling tool-I don't have one of those
I did have a chopstick tho...

 and you keep rolling until you get to that flat round spot
in the middle...

 then you put some hot glue in the center
(couldn't find my glue dots---
and there's loose feathers everywhere from
making my fascinator!
LOVE to play-HATE to clean up!)

And you smoosh the rolled part into the
hot glue to hold it.


You can keep them rolled tight like a bud---
or just let it unroll to a more open "bloom".
On the larger roses
you can take the petals and curl them back a little
to make them even more lifelike and open...

To curl my feathers...
I cut most of the feather off on either side
and then run it over my scissors--
much the way you curl ribbon-
THIS IS MESSY---but pretty (I think!)
The Queen needed some bling
so I added CTMH Bitty gems to the roses and the tulle
Tucked in small pieces of ribbon
gathered (just hot glue again) to look like leaves...!

I was one of two women who wore a fascinator!
Others had simple to quite elaborate hats
as you can well imagine!

My pic of Theresa and I didn't come out-
(I had my eyes closed)
or I'd model it for you!
I have short short hair-
but this is an easy and cute way
to add something pretty--
I think I will be making some
 more of these (a little less elaborate!)

In my rush to leave...
I got 3/4 of the way down our block-
and got my nice coconut oil I use for perfume
on my white pants.
Mad dash home to change
(Thank you Flylady-
Mt. Washmore was cleaned up
and I had a spare pair!)
and dashed back out.
I also left a container of cat food on the desk
by the front door
when I fed the outside cat
as this is what I came home to...

and here's the culprits returning to the scene of the crime...
That's Poppa Cat on the left-and BAD CAT on the right-
although I dare say---
they were BOTH BAD CATS!

That's it for today.
I slept a little later-
but made it to church on time
and helped serve communion.
The pianist played a song
that started my faith journey for me
just as we began serving. 
Really touching...
those small confirmations that come our way
when we least expect it...

Since I took a play day yesterday--
I am going to do a little flylady time today--
not much
but I have found
I feel sooooo much better
when things are put in order--
the chaos around me....calms
just by doing small routines daily
and doing the "do it now" approach...
so---off to do some---now!

Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!


Stressed Stamper said...

Adore the roses - great idea - love them - you soooooo need to slow down - so you had a mark on your whites -soooooo!!! it is not the end of the world....relax - breathe....count to 10 and things are not soooo the cats too..
Big hugs
Sarah x

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Very cool! Those would make great bows on gift packages too! Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina