Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sentiments on Saturday...

Let's see if Blogger will let me post today
without deleting everything I spend
an hour + typing!

Theresa and I were going shopping.
As I was getting ready
I realized my "bangs" were down in my eyes.
No time to stop at the hairdressers
and I didn't want that straight-across just cut bangs look
I usually end up with---
but rather that "feathery/fringy look" David my hairdresser does.
What to do!
I nipped and snipped carefully
they didn't cut the greatest---but they did cut
and I still got a little bit of that feathery look
I won't fire David just yet tho!
(and I did flylady those water spots right off that mirror!
They are from the cat who likes to drink from the faucet
and then shake...! The one aptly named BAD CAT!)

Today I ran out to restock my reading material
and when I came home I looked at one of the
pansy pots along our walkway.
In one there were full size pansies
and then these itty bitty guys-
in the same pot!

Not sure how they came about
but to me they almost look like a miniature orchid.

Hubby said we had baby wrens
 inthe blue bird house that were just about ready to fly.
I said I'd look after we ate breakfast...
in between time...
they flew.
But this handsome fellow (? I'm guessing fellow)
is a Purple Martin on our  Martin house out front...

Gotta love my zoom on my Canon Elph Powershot 310.
My Nikon would never get it this good!
Can you see the bits of twigs sticking out of the holes?!

I had another nice surprise yesterday---
when I was blog hopping
I found that my
Fab Fun Fascinator
was featured
Thanks, Carolyn!

Hang in there friends-
I haven't given up crafting
and I hope to post some more along those lines
in the next few days.
On-going health issues
(with no surgery date yet in sight...)
is wearing me down
along with some other bumps
along my path right now.
A prayer or two would be
appreciated if you feel so led!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day out today-
if nothing else
I hope to take my Copics out on the deck
and do a little coloring...hopefully...

Until next time-
happy stamping and scrapping!


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