Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're Wilmington SURVIVORS!

We made it-we SURVIVED it--we're not statistics!!! I think Theresa and I at least deserve t-shirts that say "We survived" - or something! I picked her up yesterday (Friday of Labor Day week-end) so we could go and shop our usual Wilmington craft haunts. That usually entails a stop at AC Moore, Wendy's for lunch, Michaels and home. Occasionally, we add a stop at Joann's after Wendy's which is what we did yesterday. Armed with coupons, we set out. The trip in wasn't too eventful-traffic wasn't even too bad going in. But once we hit town--it turned downright FRIGHTFUL my friends. Traffic was still light---but the crazies were out. We had three close calls with people who were paying absolutely no attention to the cars around them and just proceeded to pull out and around as they felt the whim to do so. I have never been so thankful that I learned to drive in (one of) the big cities (Orlando) in all my life. One lady had a front license plate on her car that said something like "Deranged". She was, trust me!!! I stopped counting the number of people who came flying up behind us on our bumper, almost into the back seat and zipping around us. We had a great time---but I think we were both glad to have that adventure over. I've got to mention also--the lady that had at least 2 cart-widths between Theresa and I but yet expected us to move because we were standing there talking and she wanted to go by! Things like that, all day long. I was jinxed with check-out clerks taking forever, not having what they needed, worrying about co-workers schedules....It was, as I said, downright FRIGHTFUL!

So much for my venting! We DID have fun despite it all-we always do. And we found some great bargains-Theresa even got her first Christmas present bought--and on sale! Her little niece is going to be a VERY happy little scrapbooker! ; ) I splurged and got not one but two Inkadinkado stamp sets! The bat and spider paper is too cute (they are embossed!), and the green glitter glue for $ 1--well, the little boys will probably really like that emblellishment! Ewwww.
I loved halloween when I was growing up-back was safe to do so, it didn't nearly the number of negative connotations it does now-it was just kids dressing up and getting candy. Sadly, we don't have ANY trick-or-treaters where we live so either my goddaugther's class is going to be very happy with me or maybe Theresa will invite me to her house to pass out candy and see the kids and they have a neighborhood full of them! At any rate...stay tuned for some neat projects from the "stuff" we scored yesterday and gee, we didn't even have to dress up! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

Great post~ and oh how true!!! haha. Of course your invited for halloween~