Monday, September 7, 2009

I can't wait...I just can't wait...

Ok---so I will blow part of the surprise...but she will still have her present to open! Yesterday was my good friend THERESA's birthday--so happy belated! To say I have a hard time doing cards for her is an understatement! She does such beautiful work and has such wonderful ideas I often feel intimidated trying to make something for her. I wanted to use one of the new digital images I got from Mo's Digital Stamps (see the fairy?!). We are both new to the idea of digital stamps and I fell in love with the fairy! I can hear it now..."What's a digital stamp? You taught me about wood stamps, mounted stamps, unmounted stamps, clear stamps---now there's something else I need to learn about and buy?!" YES!!! Digital stamps...are images --just like a stamped image. You buy the image. It downloads to your computer. You then open the image and can print it any size you want, on any paper you want, however many times you want. It's really cool! The only thing you can't do with a digital stamp as opposed to a "real" emboss it. But that's not quite true, either. There are embossing pens that would enable you to go over the image and then add your powder and emboss. So, with that said, there really isn' a whole lot of difference. Outline color maybe...I am not sure you can change that...but its worth it. I stamp (outline) stamps in black 95% of the time anyway!
But I digress...back to Theresa's card...This is called a "stairstep" card and the base is made from one sheet of paper that is scored in various places to make it fold like stairsteps, with each step being a little higher than the one in front of it. Designs, sentiments and images can be layered on each step. The card then "collapses" to fit into the envelope and then opens back out like a set of stairs for display. I like it. It is a fast and easy card---and yet looks complicated! And I just love Mo's ---let's say "pleasantly
plump" fairy! She has red hair and sparkly popped up wings! Of course that's MY version of Mo's fairy---your's can be whatever your heart desires! ; )
Take some time to check out Mo's Digital Stamps---
she has some really, really cute designs! I love "soaking up the joy", Tabia with her bubbles, Patrick in the pumpkins and ohmygosh, Stepsisters is just too, too funny! Don't get me started on hte Christmas ones!!! I've bought several already, and I am sure I
will be buying and using more. Today she posted Wynken,Blynken and Nod---one of my favorite childhood stories...hmmm...I feel an altered book coming on!!! Well, it's (another) rainy day here and I need to make some curtains so I think its time to hit the sewing machine---or maybe see of Theresa wants to play with halloween stamps today and cook up some boil and trouble! Whatever YOU do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

Love it - Love Mo's images very addictive though..Take care