Friday, September 11, 2009

No "tricks" here...

at least not bad ones! Lol. I had invited a couple of friends to come over and play with me today. Sadly, one was busy getting orders ready (good for her, bad for me!) and the other was out of town. So I had to play "all my byself" as my little brother used to say. When I was little, I loved halloween. We lived up north and the color of the leaves not to mention the smell of them burning in a bon fire, the crisp apples, the pretty pumpkins, the cool (ok, sometimes downright cold!weather....I loved fall...I loved Halloween. I've been Raggedy Ann, a princess and one year, don't ask me why, but Benjamin Franklin! Lol--what was I thinking! I was also (for real!) a girl scout and I remember that Halloween also marked the birthday of the founder of Girl Scouts:

On Halloween, a day that many associate with ghosts and spirits of the past, Girl Scouts the world over celebrate the life of their founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who was born October 31, 1860, in Savannah, Georgia

I don't remember Halloween being "tainted" by some of the things it is today---it was an evening of fun-to dress up and pretend, to knock on doors and fill a bag with treats. My mother would also ask if I had seen the witch fly across the moon on her broom-no matter how quickly I looked, much like Santa and his reindeer, I always seemed to miss her.

Ok-so I have rambled long enough. Theresa took my not-so-subtle hint and said yes, I could come to her house this year and pass out candy to the kids! So I have been dreaming about treat bags ever since! You saw most of my shopping spree in last week's's what I created so far:

The stamps are from Inkadinkadoo, the border punch is Martha Stewart's Drippy Goo, the "moon" is simply a Stampin' Up circle...the paper...not too sure--most of it was in my stash...the bags are clear small ziplocks total 3"x5". I did fold over the top-so it has the black and white and "Happy Halloween" on the back as well. The paper...was thin enough that I was able to fold it in half and punch it all at once! I embossed all my stamping with clear embossing powder. Now---how did I get the bat to look "stand out" so well from the moon...well, 3 guesses and the first two don't count! If you know KNOW there are Pop Dots involved...little pieces of them, but Pop Dots nonetheless. I also used another little trick. Even Staz On would not "stay on" the plastic. Boo....and I didn't want little witches and gremlins with black all over their hands. Someone blessed me with a bunch of those old, sticky backed, plastic lift off photo album pages...DO NOT use these for anything of any intrensic value---they are not safe for long-term projects! can use the clear plastic for shaker cards, window cards...and yes, halloween treat bags! I cut the plastic just a tad smaller than the bag, glued the moon to it, and slipped it inside with the treat. The bat...was then Pop-Dotted to the outside of the bag--hence the extra dimension! ; ) I cannot wait to do the spider web and spider this way!!!

Well, I've not put away the last load of laundry or emptied the dishwasher and sink--so I'd better get my wings a fluttering and get it done before my husband comes home to make supper (yes, thank God, he cooks!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon