Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday... Monday and while today hasn't been too bad, I've not yet calmed down from the second not-so-pleasant boating experience I've had in my lifetime (the first being some years ago when my step-father accidentally hit, and took down, a cement marker in the IW and I almost drowned!)
As we do most week-ends, late-afternoon Sun. my husband packed a picnic supper while I packed "gear" (books, glasses, towels, etc.) so we could go out boating, anchor, eat, read, watch the birds and the sunset. All was well, even though the engine sputtered a little before we got underway and there was some water accumulated in the boat due to the heavy rains on Sat. We were in the process of running the water out when our local Coast Guard decided to single us out from 2 or 3 other boats. Although, ultimately, we discovered that the only thing they were doing was a routine safety check, it was, by far, one of the most upsetting and disturbing experiences I have had! While my late husband was a Coast Guard Auxiliarist, I can assure you he wouldn't have stayed one long if he presented himself as the two "officers" (and I use that term loosely!) did yesterday. And no, it's not just a case of "sour grapes" because we were singled out. I highly respect what our service personnel do--when I am treated with the same respect I offer them. I can only hope it was a training mission and that the men who conducted the check have a lot more time in the classroom before they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public again! I am still stewing, as is my usually much more reserved husband!
Enough of all that! Before we left yesterday, I started a project I've had on hold for sometime now. I finished it before I dashed out the door on my way to work this am in an attempt to calm down some--so please don't fault my kindergarten coloring skills! This is a really neat, somewhat simple project...or would be if the instructions had been accurate and clear. My box is cattywhampus (ie one side wider than the other!) --and I take credit for the added pencil holder! As you can see, the little book that sets inside holds a (partial) pad of 3x3" Post-It Notes. The calendar Theresa made me would also fit nicely in here with the notes...but it's "mia" at the moment--it's Monday...allll day! The images of course are Tilda and Edwin from Magnolia Stamps, the inks CTMH, the dp and ribbon...not sure but I love the colors, the ruler is the "real deal" as I found a box of small rulers at a yard sale!
I really like this and can see it as stocking stuffers! A remake (translate: less "girly" version) --camouflage maybe--? for the guys! ; )
This might even make a great class...hmmm.
I hope you have a good week-not sure if I will post anymore before we leave for the VA State Fair or not but, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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