Saturday, September 12, 2009


So yesterday...I had to go and get some candy just so I could do the photos of my treat bags---and I've been thinking about that today as I've just had to munch on some while I was going about my chores--it kept calling to me --what can I say?! Anyway-one bag was a mini chocolate bar mix and who doesn't like chocolate?! The other bag was also a mix--but it has bubble gum (which one with crowns, etc. doesn't dare eat!), Now or Laters (chewy/fruity), Tootsie Rolls (chocolaty again and chewy)--most of which is ok--but there are some hard things in there like small Jaw Breakers, etc. that I got to thinking would be real easy for little people to choke on! They don't know about not biting down on hard candy (that it often won't "chew") and I could see a wee person swallowing it in frustration and getting it stuck. I'd like to think that, like me, eating any candy gotten was absolutely forbidden until we got home, Mom checked it and watched us.
So---just give some thought to what you decide to give those princesses', ghosts and goblins. Help keep it safe and fun! And you don't have to give out candy---think about small bottles of bubbles, stickers, small washable tattoos---go to Oriental Trading Co. for some inexpensive "other-than-candy" ideas. Maybe I am just being paranoid but...better safe than sorry! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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