Friday, May 7, 2010

"911-What is your emergency please?"

First, let me set the background. I spent yesterday afternoon (my last workday of the week!) in my hairdresser's chair! I was so relieved to be there I couldn't believe it! You see, he does the best haircuts I've had in years. When my hair is short, I have tons of natural wave and curl--not everybody knows how to cut that! And, at Christmas time, I got really brave and let him color (my hair is is hardest to do...and get it to look natural) and highlight my hair. It looked great. I got tons of compliments. So a month or so ago I called to set up a repeat. I was told he hurt his back and was out. I let someone else just cut it. Big mistake. But the other day, my "secretary" (aka Theresa) called and found out that yes, David was back to work and he had time yesterday. Not really a big deal if I was just hanging around OKI but we are going to my stepson's wedding the first week in June and I wanted it to look nice. And it does! I am so pleased and we all know we just feel better all around when we know we look better! I felt like a princess getting pampered-two shampoos & conditioning--wow did that feel nice! To top that off, I met Theresa for dinner as Brook was out of town overnight so we had time to chat and catch up, compare notes. That's always fun, too. Thanks, Theresa! I was all set for a nice, quiet, relaxing evening.
Then I came home. We are surrounded by rental properties. We do not have "real" neighbors and the rental homes are still somewhat vacant through the weeks yet, busier on week-ends. That will change with the end of school. My computer is by the front door and I suddenly heard voices around my deck...coming up the clue who it was. I was not expecting company and my husband was out of town overnight so it was just me, myself and I and 4 cats. I immediately grabbed the phone and had just dialed "911" (better safe than sorry) when I heard my "intruder" say that yes, I had indeed talked to her earlier in the week and I said I liked living here except for hurricane season. Then I knew who I was talking to, opened the door and, thinking the 911 call had not yet dialed through, I hung up. They called right back! I apologized, explained what had happened while the ladies were flabbergasted I had called the police and was informed they had to come out anyway. It turns out they locked themselves out of their rental house. We chit-chatted until the officer arrived. Having made sure I was the homeowner who had called and had not been harmed by the ladies in anyway, he then whisked them away to find the on-call person for the rental company. He was extremely nice and patient---assured me that I should call should I need anything else at all. I saw lights on in the house after a while so I assume they made it safely inside. I had to laugh. I was somewhat embarrassed but at least I was safe. They have a now funny (it wasn't then!) story to tell about their vacation. I even considered making them a small scrapbook to do it! And I think the local PD deserves a plate of cookies-or doughnuts! Off to clean the craft room.
More later. Until next time, Happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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